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I wanted to take some time to express my appreciation for this wonderful product! I bought the spray and the gel for my cocker spaniel, Camron. Camron is 5 years old and had never been to the vet for dental work. I called Camron's doctor last April to inquire about costs for dental work. The quote was $250-$350, depending on Camron's weight. I could not afford it.

I was very discouraged and decided to look for less costly alternative. That's when I found Petzlife! It is truly amazing and very inexpensive! After the first use, the bad breath disappeared! I begin spraying and brushing his teeth, every other day, for 3 weeks. The plaque on his teeth began to disappear.

I must admit, I was not consistant at brushing every other day as I planned, for the past few months. I try to brush, at least, once a week. It is slow, but working. Camron's teeth are 60% whiter than before. That's enough for me. His breath is still fresh and I am totally satisfied! Camron likes it also because when I say: "Camron, let me brush your teeth," he runs around, jumping and wagging his nub of a tail. He then sits in front of me, holding his mouth to the toothbrush.

(He never did that with the store brand toothpaste for pets.)

I plan to become more committed to my pet's dental health, and I will continue to use this product. When I take Camron to the groomers, I give them the gel so that they can brush his teeth with it. They agree that it works wonders for pets.

Lifetime customer

One week ago I bought the Oral Care spray for my 7 year old Portuguese water dog "Angel".

Angels teeth really needed to be cleaned and the Vet did not do it when she was under anesthesia a few moths ago when he sterilized her. The anesthesia was a very bad experience she stayed a sleep for 12 hours more than she was suppose to and I know that it was not good for her health.

I tried your spray for only One week and her teeth are just as sparkling white. There was some real crusty Plaque on her molars I was able to remove that with the scraper without having to use force what so ever it just popped of.

Best regards,
Geertje Misset-Barnes

"Wags is as happy as I am to have cleaner teeth. This is one less trip to the Vet. for his annual scaling. The Money I'm saving I can spend for my daughters wedding! By the way I'm the mom holding Dotti my Amazon cat. I was truly amazed at how great these products are and I love the fresher breath. Another thing I noticed is that Wags is more playful. I am recommending PetzLife to all my friends." Jenny and Juliann/ Brooklyn Park, MN

Dear Petzlife,
I too have a Havanese, she is 2 yrs old and is the love of my life. I do not show her, so I keep her hair in a stylish yet playful puppy cut. Out of desperation, I ordered your product a little over 2 weeks ago as Laci has a problem with plaque and I didn't want to have her teeth cleaned by the Vet after all I have researched regarding the risks involved.

I have attached photos and I apologize for not taking photos before I started using the spray and brush away gel. We have used it for 2 weeks and she has had 3 brushings. I am amazed! the build up is gone and the white is showing through. No more swollen red gums either! I am convinced that in a short time her teeth will return to the pearly whites she had as a puppy. I will keep you updated and send photos as we improve our dental hygiene with your product.

You have had correspondence with my Aunt, Claudie Parrish regarding your product that she recently ordered and also placed a link to your site on her Havanese Website.

I called my Aunt and told her all about your product and you know the rest of the story. She's really excited and is the perfect spokesperson as she is very active in the Havanese community and our little dogs have a tendency to have plaque issues. I have also told my groomer about the product as well and she is very interested in seeing the results.

Again, thank you so much.

Warmest Regards,
Dixie West Laci too! Ruff Ruff

Forevr Handsome Devil
He is owned by: Suzanne Hannon,
Ruth Ann & Danny R. Ford (breeder)
(WayToGo Papillons)

(Forevr Papillons and Phalenes)
co-owner & handler

"As a RN and a Papillon breeder I know the importance of good dental health not only for humans but for the canine world as well. Bacteria when it makes its way into the blood stream can attack the heart, kidneys and other vital organs. This is why, when I found your product, I was so excited. . I ran trials on the above dog, a 10 year old and a puppy. Your product does everything as promised! I was most impressed with the 10 year old's teeth, the results were phenomenal. I must add I did brush along with using the spray. The tartar on her teeth softened and was easy to remove, plus her breath was pristine."

"A BIG THANK YOU from me and my fur family."
Suzanne Hannon
WayToGo Papillons

Suzanne Hannon
WayToGo Papillons
Both of these "Papillons" are owned by Suzanne Hannon and Ruth Ann Ford the "Best of Winners" is a champion's champion named "Luc" pronounced Luke. Shazam was our Pet of the Month and is also a Papillon "pronounced (pappy-yawn) and the name means Butterfly very fitting for a dog that weighs in at 5 to 9 lbs. fully grown. They are a very special breed of dog and very intelligent. For additional information go to

The Barkery Inc. (located in Lafayette, N.J.) We received our first order from PetzLife Products in April and we put it to use in our grooming salon and retail store. Trying to get people to brush their dog's teeth sometimes can be difficult This product "Life for Teeth" takes some of the work out of selling and customers love the spray on idea. Check the Vet bill vs.. this product and the customer is on your side from the beginning....It is not like other products on the market......believe me our customers in the grooming salon are tough ....just like yours.....this product shows results quickly....... Our customers have been raving about it since........It's easy...Good price .............and most importantly ... it works.......We sold out of our first order by the end of April and doubled our next order......I do not work for this Company and I am extremely tough on Vendors that sell products that do not work or sell. We are in business to make money and pets happy ......It does both...... Thank You, PetzLife!

See Pictures and more of Hanks "Special Partners" farther down on testimonial page.

Suzanne Hannon RN and Papillion breeder,

"Your product does everything as promised!--the results were phenomenal---plus her breath was pristine---A BIG THANK YOU from me and my fur family!"

All this and more -- Try Our award winning all natural products with confidence!!!! For additional information contact us at

This is s great success story from Claudia Brooks!! (this is after using Life for Teeth spray as directed for 30 days on Robin a 11 year old Malteese)

I work in a grooming shop where Robin a 5lb Maltese was brought in with teeth you'd need a chisel to get the plaque off, also she had very rotten breath that could knock you over. Well we gave her mom a bottle of spray 30 days ago and she sprayed twice a day faithfully. Last Saturday Robin came in and to our total amazement her plaque was gone on one K-9 tooth and we helped just with a little prick of the finger popped the thickest pieces off the other. One back tooth was totally rotten and when the plaque was remove it fell out. Her mom is still using the spray so Robin will only need a brushing on her next visit, now the poison has lessened in her mouth this will add years to her life. We really didn't think this product would do a bit of good, but we are sold and have customers waiting for theirs to come and we just can't say enough about this. We kept the plaque for show and tell from Robin's mouth. The truly amazing thing is that Robin's eyes were always watery and pussy, now they have cleared up and she had a festering sore on the side of her neck and that too has healed over the only treatment different was the use of Life for Teeth spray!! Thanks from all of our foul smelling mouth friends, who will be smelling sweet soon.

All of us Fur Friend -Z.
Claudia Brooks

Just wanted to drop a quick note to tell you how pleased we are with your products. We have an Eight year old Pug named Buddy and a fifteen year old German Shepard cross named Holly. I Have purchased a truck load of tooth products from various places and have had literally no Luck with any of them. We were not at all convinced to put them under to scale their teeth, so I Started searching the internet to find something better. I must say I was certainly successful. I never dreamed this product would work so well. Their breath is unbelievable, and their teeth Are looking so much better. You have certainly found a customer in me. Keep up the good Work.

Thank You,
Richard Moulson Jr

These are a sequence of e-mails as they were sent some key points are highlighted, first about our shampoo then about our spray and gel.

From: Pamela Hodge
Sent: Monday, September 19, 2005 2:53 AM
Subject: Re: Thank you for your order

Thank you! Thanks to your sample of this shampoo, it is why I am ordering the full size bottle! It really works wonderful, my poodle never itches! After my sample was gone (which it lasted quite a while because the lather is amazing!) I started bathing him with other shampoos and he was itching and he doesn't have one flea. (he's on K-9 Advantix) I figured it must be the shampoos I was using or just dry skin even though it doesn't appear dry. Whatever is in your shampoo works for his sensitive/dry skin!

I love the life for teeth and brush away gel too! I got it because he had such rotten teeth and I knew they were hurting him. I did end up taking him to have three badly rotten teeth extracted and a cleaning at the vet. He would hardly let me open his mouth to use the brush away because his teeth were in such pain. But now I have no problem, he lets me brush them all I want- and I do! His teeth look even whiter to me now then when he had them cleaned at the vet and no hard tartar at all. I will forever use this wonderful product- my baby will never have to have that pain again! It's the greatest, every pet should have it! Monster, my 12 year old poodle, and I thank you! For ALL your wonderful products!

Pam Hodge

From: BUD GROTH To: Pamela Hodge
Sent: Monday, September 19, 2005 8:25 AM
Subject: Re: Thank you for your order

Hi Pamela-- Wow!! What a nice way to start my day-- Thank you so much for the great comments-- Please if you can-- e-mail us pictures of you and "Monster"-- If you can't e-mail send us regular photos-- we will scan in and send them right back to you-- you can send them to our po box--316--Spring Park MN. 55384-- we would love to put these comments up on our site in the testimonial section and we are looking for a new pet of the month-- for November-- Monster might just be the one-- Thanks again-- and let me know if it is okay to put your e-mail on our site-- we can add the pictures as soon as we get them--Bud Groth --CFO PetzLife Products

From: Pamela Hodge
Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2005 1:08 AM
Subject: Re: Thank you for your order

Dear Bud, You absolutely can put my e-mail on your site! I will also e-mail some pictures, I will try to get a good one of his beautiful teeth! I really do now wish I took a "before" photo because they were REALLY bad. I have had his teeth cleaned by the vet many times, but the tartar always came back so fast it looked like I neglected him! But no more. It's great to find products that actually do what they say, most never do!

Thanks so much again, we really do appreciate your products!

Pam Hodge

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