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Lions and Tigers and Perfect Oral Health,

Naturally! Thanks to PetzLife!

Lions and

Tigers and

Perfect Oral



Thanks to PetzLife!

When an Exotic Cat is in the wild, the natural instinct to feed inevitably involves the hunt. This can almost be as intricate and artistic as a well-choreographed dance.

The Siberian Tiger for example stalks its prey sometimes for hours until they are close enough to begin this “dance”.


When dinner is close enough, they pounce and bring down their prey burying their three inch dagger-like mighty canines and vice-like jaws around the unsuspecting main courses throat.  Then the feeding begins by ripping and tearing and so on and so forth.  This is about as raw as a diet can be. This is how nature intended exotic cats to eat.

This almost ritualistic feeding is not possible in confinement.


Let’s now examine your cat or your dog at home. They need to be on top of their oral health to prevent bacteria from entering the blood stream which can affect their heart, kidneys and liver. By maintaining appropriate oral care, this is accomplished.

Regardless if an exotic cat is being cared for in a zoo, or a sanctuary, the same is true for them.

Oral care is extremely important and if enough bacteria builds up, they are faced with the possibility that they may need a dental scaling, or even other more serious procedures. To do this, they need to anesthetize them which means they need to sedate them with a dart to get them back to the clinic or facility.  


Enter Dr. Clayne White, DVM from Bayview Animal Hospital in Farmington, Utah.

Dr. White has been the caretaker for exotic cats in the Utah area that are in captivity.

In his care are Lions, Tigers, Mountain Lions, Black Panthers, and more.

He actually welcomed two Siberian cubs for the first few months of their life in his home!

Imagine a 3 month old tiger jumping up on your kitchen table to perch!




As a veterinarian, he knows and understands the importance of proper oral health on not only the family pets that come to his facility, but also the exotic cats he cares for.

That is why for years now he has been using PetzLife’s Complete Oral Care and has successfully avoided the process of inducing the big cats with anesthesia for a cleaning!



Our Oral Care Gel or Spray is a combination of 100% all-natural ingredients that actually will remove existing plaque and calculus without scaling.

So if PetzLife is working so well on the Big Exotic Cats, just imagine what it can do for you precious pet at home!









 Finicky Cat?

Cats can be difficult to administer any type of medication. Our oral care is no different and should be viewed as a medicine. Cats can learn to like the process and the attention they receive if done correctly. 

1-We suggest using the PetzLife Complete Oral Care Wild Salmon Oil Gel for palatability. Start out with only a very small amount of the gel on your index finger tip. Do not have the gel bottle near you as we do not want them associating the taste with the bottle.

2-Have the cat sit on your lap and pet the cat repeatedly. Then with the gel on your index finger come up from under the cats head and just tap the small amount to the cat’s nose or lips. By continuing to pet them throughout the process they will relax and start to lick the gel into their mouth.

3-By keeping the gel in the refrigerator, it takes the edge off the flavor and cats (and dogs) like the chilled taste better. After about a week of applications the cat has now become accustomed to the process and will not protest.

If you continue to struggle with a direct application, here are some helpful approaches you may find will work: 

-Try placing the gel on a paw, hind leg, etc. They will eventually lick it off. 

-Place the cat’s favorite treat on a plate and place some of the gel over one edge of the treat and let them lick this into their mouth. They will start to lick where there is no gel and eventually get it into their mouth. Excessive salivation and foaming at the mouth isa normal reaction. 

Remember if you cannot get this into the mouth, it will not work.


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