4 oz. Oral Care Spray - Peppermint

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bacteria in her mouth Review by Jo
This spray did help my dogs teeth some, but not enough. The bacteria in her mouth affects her stomach by giving her severe stomach cramps. If I use this spray everyday, it not only helps her breath by killing the bacteria, it also helps her so that the bacteria in her mouth doesn't give her stomach cramps. Because she has a heart condition they cannot medicate her to clean her teeth. She will be going to the vet to have her teeth cleaned, but she will be wide awake. They will try to get her teeth cleaned as much as they can, but I will continue using this product because it also helps her in other ways. (Posted on 5/24/15)
It's working! Review by Ny
I have a six year old maltese who HATES getting her teeth brushed. The only time she has ever growled at me was when I would try to brush her teeth - and it wasn't just a growl, it was more of a snarl, teeth bared. I was as gentle as possible, barely restrained her, but for about an hour afterwards, she would cower whenever I came near her. I'm ashamed to say that instead of doing the work to make her comfortable with brushing, I just stopped doing it altogether.
Fast forward and six years of poor dental hygiene, plus the fact that she doesn't chew her kibble, have left her with horrid teeth. I plan on having her teeth cleaned, but I was honestly afraid of how many teeth would have to be pulled if I took her in as-is. After reading reviews for PetzLife, and the testimonials which claimed that it saved teeth, I decided to give it a try. It's been over a month of spraying and I was getting discouraged - I've wiped her teeth with gauze a few times with only the smallest bit of plaque coming off - but today I really looked at her teeth and noticed that there was a gross, mushy-looking grey glob of tartar on a back tooth. I tried to wipe it with gauze and only got growled at for my trouble, no plaque wiped off. Still curious, I risked her wrath again, grabbed a dental scraper and gently poked at the plaque. And the gunk came off! If she actually chewed her food, I'm guessing I would have seen some results a bit sooner (we also might not have been in this bad a position to begin with...), but I just wanted to say that sometimes the plaque might need a little bit of help coming off. We've still got a long way to go, but for the first time I'm really hopeful that we'll get there.
Oh - she hates the spraying, and I've started giving her a treat after I do it so that she doesn't absolutely hate me (and she doesn't chew it, so I figure not a whole lot of spray is being removed). But my other dog has no problem with the spray. (Posted on 2/17/14)
Bad Teeth and Breath going away!!! Review by Tonya
I just have to say that this product is amazing. I saved $90 not having a deep cleaning for my 4yr old Yorkie Belvedere. I couldn't get a good picture of his nasty teeth, however when I say that there looking great in less then 2 weeks I'm so happy. In the pass he had to have 7 baby teeth pulled and after that his gums were always inflamed and just nasty with tarter. I stopped buying the doggy tooth paste cause he would vomit it up. I tried baking soda/ peroxide mix, and that seemed better but in a day his breath was like rotting fish. Thank you for this affordable product! It's works!!! Get it..... Tonya Lavine (Posted on 7/3/13)
Great Review by Molly
My dog was supposed to get a teeth cleaning for $650. I decided to use PetzLife Oral Care. The next year, the vet said that on a scale of 1 to 10, (with 10 being the worst), the dog's teeth were a 2. The tartar just started flaking off. One needs to administer religiously for the first several weeks, and then on a maintenance basis. I found the spray is so easy and clean on the hands (better than using the gel).It might seem expensive initially, but over time the spray only needs to be used sporadically. (Posted on 6/25/13)
It actually works Review by TxGirl
My dog has a tendency to have buildup on her teeth. She's had a couple of cleanings in the past. But she is elderly now, so I don't want to put her through another teeth cleaning. I started using PetzLife about 5 weeks ago. My dogs' front teeth are now almost completely free of tartar and her back teeth have improved immensely and are well on their way to being tartar free.

I will say that it took a few weeks to really notice a change, but then the change came very rapidly! So don't get discouraged if you don't see results right away!

I will be using PetzLife for the rest of my dog's (hopefully very long) life! (Posted on 1/25/13)
Thank you! Review by South Paw
Works great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can't thank you enough! (Posted on 12/13/12)
Very pleasantly surprised! Review by Mary D
OMG, this stuff actually works! I am SO happy! and so are the dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Posted on 12/13/12)
Finally something that works!! Review by Marlie
My dachshund mixed companion has the worst teeth I've ever seen. Ive tried countless products since I refuse to go get a vet cleaning. I've been using this spray for about a month now and so far so good! I'm definetly very happy with the results so far. She has alot of tartar build up so it's going to take a wee bit, but I can already tell its doing it's job. I'm super happy with this product and my best friend, Marlie, loves it too! :) (Posted on 5/29/12)
Will never put my dog under again! Review by Bjmedd
My mini dachshund is 7 years old and has had two vet cleanings and one horrendous spine surgery. Her teeth were bad again and I really kept putting off taking her to the vet for another 300.00 dental procedure. I've had the salmon gel for a while, but it never seemed to make much of a difference, so I had VERY little confidence that this spray would do much more. After reading more reviews, I thought it couldn't hurt to try. As with many others, I truly wish I had taken photos of before. Within a week, the difference is amazing. We have a ways to go, but I'm confident that my dogs teeth will be white again and I'll never put her under again! Don't hesitate to purchase this product. By the way.., I NEVER write reviews, but was so excited by this, I've told everyone I know that has a dog. (Posted on 3/29/12)
easy to used Review by anjum4232000
It actually works. It is easy to use and my dogs don't mind the application. It is definitely a less invasive means of cleaning your pet's teeth than by a Veteranarian cleaning--No anesthesia require (Posted on 10/17/11)

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