4 oz. Oral Care Spray - Peppermint

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The money is totally worth it Review by awiexp
I work at a chain pet store and I've had my eye on the PetzLife Oral Gel. It's so expensive but Sammy's teeth are so horrible and I know tartar and plaque can affect a dog's organ in the long run. So, I spent the $30 and bought it.

I started using it TWO days ago and I'm already seeing results!! Despite the cost, and for your dog's sake, the money is totally worth it! (Posted on 10/17/11)
FANTASTIC !!! Review by Da Bolts
Great product...Saw change in my dogs breath in a few treatments...Less plaque within a week... (Posted on 10/3/11)
Pup from America's Got Talent and The Tonight Show Review by Pup
I went on America's Got Talent in Hollywood August 2010 with dirty teeth, very embarrassing. Check out my video on youtube search America's Got Talent Pup. Then check out the video of me on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno after use of PetZlife. My teeth are now sparkling white. Search: Thrill Bill Jay Leno Dog.

Paw'some product!!! 5 paws way up!!! -Pup (Posted on 8/23/11)
Awesome product! Review by Helen in Fyvl, NY
This stuff is great and so easy to use. The dogs like it and it is no trouble to spray onto their teeth. Stains disappear and my dogs have teeth that are pearly white. (Posted on 6/12/11)
Amazing Review by jeanne dog care
I have a toy poodle and they are notorious for bad teeth. I had them cleaned and the cost was staggering. Started using the Oral Spray and was amazed as to the difference in my dogs breath and the whiteness in her teeth. She doesn't seem to mind me spaying it in her mouth. I have recomended the spray to my groomer and all my friends. I think over time this will save me alot of money in vet bills. (Posted on 6/6/11)
Little dog issue Review by 16paws!
Ordered this for my pack of little toys and the spray was a bit much for them... Used it on a friend's 20 pound dog and she had no aversion to the spray. Would suggest that for the "little guys" you think about the gel, which I am now going to order and see if that is a bit less offensive to the little guys. Nice fresh smell of peppermint! (Posted on 6/3/11)
I am in shock! Review by Kevy
A product that actually does what is says it will do. I've been spraying the Oral Care Spray in my dogs mouth for about a 2 weeks. I just took a piece of guaze , rubbed my dogs teeth and the brown plaque / tarter came off. Amazing!!! Word of mouth is a great advertising tool and I will be telling everyone.
Thank you so much!!!

(Posted on 4/13/11)
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Review by Tracy dog lover
It is all it advertisizes to be. I chose to use this an scale his teeth and within 2 weeks we were well on our way to white teeth after a month his teeth are white none of that horrible yellow and black tartar, and no bad breath. The peppermint is a nice scent. I did two sprays on each side of his mouth each night when we went to bed, he accepted this fine. Worth the money don't think twice about it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Posted on 4/8/11)
THANKFUL AND AMAZED Review by Jane prior kennel owner
I have several dogs living here after having a breeding kennel
for many years,my dogs were and are pets/companions be-
fore they were ever bred and all were spayed,neutered and
remain with me until they cross over the bridge.
It used to cost a fortune for dental cleanings,not to mention the
risk of some"very older as well as younger" dogs getting teeth cleaned,as a last resort,I never thought a "spray or gel" pro-
duct could work,but was will to try.
Within 4 days,their breath was wonderful again,( I spray them
once a day) THICK,HEAVY TARTAR came loose on the tips,
and the edges of molars,after 2 months,out of 15 dogs, I now
have 10 who have CLEAN TEETH,NO TARTAR!
Others with stubborin tartar,more reistant,I've started spraying
them 2 times a day,morning & before bed,I HAVE NO DOUBT
all will come clean,MY VETERINARIAN WAS IN SHOCK!
I figure the tartar didn't grow there overningt,it will take time to
remove it,I AM PATIENT,especially since I HAVE SEEN the
amazing results.I will also continue to use this after all their
teeth are clean as a maintance program,every other day.
THE COST IS MINOR,after loosing a beloved companion to
"minor teeth cleaning ",I refused to risk another beloved dog,
loved pet to "any accident," they're teeth had not been cleaned
in over 2 years.
ALSO, cleaning teeth "knocked their teeth loose,then they had
to be pulled,THIS is not the answer I wanted either!
This product works,WHY would I ever want to risk the loss of
another pet, when I have PetZLife oral spray??!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH,I believe now and appreciate the
ease of helping my companions at a reasonable cost,with-
out risk to their lives. (Posted on 2/15/11)
Dogs breath and Teeth Review by parent
We have a little dog and his breath and teeth are so nasty. I could smell is breath across the room .. I was to the point I couldn't even sit next to him. But couldn't afford to pay a dental bill of 300.00 I bought this spray and have been using it for 4 days I can't believe the results. We still have aways to go but it really works.. I hope soon his breath will smell better too. (Posted on 2/2/11)

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