@-Eaze - Calming Support for Pets 4.5 oz.

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@-Eaze - Calming Support for Pets 4.5 oz.

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This is keeping Brody from pain Review by Pugz
One of my boys, Brody, Pug, has a bad back, down low. I personally know the pain this causes as I have the same thing. Well, I have to keep him calm and quiet so as not to aggravate his back. When it "tweaks", the pain is miserable for him, you can see it on his face and in his whole body. (And then he needs a pain pill which is bad for his liver). Well, easier said than done. He is my spaz boy, can just about spend the day bouncing off walls. I was given some of this gel a few days ago. WOW, he is staying mellow and calm, no back pain! He is also getting some herbal things for his back, but the gel is keeping him from tweaking it again. Currently he's getting it twice a day, am thinking of trying once a day to see how that goes. It will definitely be in my "doggie bowl of supplements" from here on out. I am going to try some on my Aussie, Jessica, who is normally just very high strung and EVERYTHING stresses her out, even meal time. She went on a hunger strike about two years ago and has since has to be hand fed, which she hates (but she REFUSES to eat on her own). Thanks for this stuff! (Posted on 7/4/13)
RELIEF Finally!! Review by Betsy
My pug Betsy had a bad day at the vet. I got her home and she was miserable, the cream the vet gave her wasn't doing anything. She was obviously still in pain. Bones and toys weren't distracting her and I was losing my mind. I remembered I had a bottle of this calming gel (to be honest, I bought it, used it once and it was shoved to the back of the cupboard, completely forgotten). I mixed some in with some yogurt and she ate it up. Not even ten minutes later she was snoring on the couch. I wanted to cry, it was such an amazing relief. Thank you so much for this product. I'm shocked and so grateful I had it on hand.

If you're skeptical like I was, definitely give it a try. It worked when my dog desperately needed it. (Posted on 3/23/13)
Brought Enzo Out of His Shell Review by Arlingtonian
Enzo spent the first two years of his life caged as a stud dog in a puppy mill in Canada. For the first six weeks we had him, he would walk around our front yard, but would not go out of the gate, much less walk to the park. We tried taking him three or four times a day, but after a few steps outside, the anxiety would take over and he would freeze. We added @ease to his food and within a day or two, he became less anxious and more trusting. Now, he is beginning to accompany us to the park without freezing in anxiety. This product has changed our lives and we highly recommend it. (Posted on 8/15/11)
Wouldn't be without @-Eaze for our dog! Review by lekili
This is the 2nd summer we're relied on @-Eaze to help calm our Shih Tzu 4-year old pup during storms and 4th of July firework celebrations!!!! Yesterday we just had a tornado come through within 1/4 of a mile from us, and Moke (our dog) was very calm... thanks to @-Eaze! I was a mess, but he was doing fine! (Posted on 5/23/11)
Amazing product! Review by Dalin
Our 5 yr. old Yorkie has been terrified of thunderstorms and fireworks since we got her at 12 weeks. I just wish I had discovered this earlier. Our vet had us giving her Children's Benadryl to calm her and it didn't help a bit.

This product arrived yesterday and we had a moderate thunderstorm last night. I gave her 1/4 tsp. and within five min., though she was still nervous, all her shaking stopped.

Last night instead of racing all over the bed, running across our bodies, wanting on the floor and as soon as we put her down, scratching to get back up, she just snuggled up against me under the blanket and stayed there with minimal shaking and panting. When the storms started up again at 4 in the morning, I got up and gave her another dose and in five minutes she was calm enough to rest at the foot of our bed until morning.

I haven't tried it in a severe storm, but based on what I saw with the first use, I know it will help a lot. Thank you for this product. And being all natural and not drugging her I don't worry about if I don't get the exact amount.

(Posted on 4/28/11)
Thunderstorms Review by Tucker
Tucker shakes and is very frightened during thunderstorms. Our vet suggested this wonderful product. Now Tucker calms and rests during any storm. Thank you PetzLife for a great product. Love that it is a gel, easy to give Tucker. I squeeze a little out on my fingers and he just licks it up. Also thank you Chris for helping me with my order you are a sweetie! (Posted on 4/25/11)
Incredible Product Review by Janet
Our delightful fun-loving dog Jamie, who was rescued by Homeward Bound Rescue of Minnesota and brought to the Twin Cities for adoption. He is too young to be a Katrina dog, but having been rescued from the south, we do not know if he went through a bad storm as a pup. But I guess dogs can be afraid of loud noises even if they did not have a puppy-hood trauma. We adopted him in June of 2009 at 6 1/2 months, and he is a delight. He is incredibly wonderful with my daycare child who is growing up with him. We call him our household weatherman because we think he can detect a storm as far away as Nebraska! If the weatherman says it is going to be clear and he starts trembling, 99% of the time he is right and the weatherman is wrong! He will start to tremble and want to hide.I guess that is because he feels the barometric pressure dropping and then feels the static electricity once the storm hits.

I purchased @Ease at the Minnesota State Fair booth in September of 2009, since we had been dealing with his fear of loud noises since June 2009. We have had incredible success with it. When he gets scared he glues himself to the floor and feels like his 43 pounds is 243 pounds, so I go get the bottle, open up his lip and slide some gel in there, and then he licks the rest off my fingers. I really believe that once day day he "asked" me for it when I found him trembling in the kitchen. He licks his lips when he wants food, and since it was not mealtime, I am guessing he was "asking" for the gel when he looked at me and licked his lips! He will visibly calm down in a short time - sometimes it seems like just a few minutes though I imagine it is longer. We had used other products and a tight fitting nylon dog shirt on him, but with the @-Ease, the other things are usually not necessary now. He has learned that fireworks are probably not storms, and will usually just listen to them once he decides they are not thunder.

Thanks for providing such an incredible product.

Janet in MPLS
(Posted on 2/18/11)

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