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4 oz. Oral Care Gel - Peppermint

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4 oz. Oral Care Gel - Peppermint

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wow! Review by umbnb
Worked like a charm and helped us avoid hundreds to get our cockers teeth cleaned. (Posted on 1/18/13)
Excellent Product Review by Margaret
I have a miniature pincher who has had nothing but problems with her teeth and gums. Her breath was so bad after 30 days of using this product her bad breath was completely gone. I used it every morning and every night (which also included brushing with C.E.T. Toothpaste) and it was completely gone (her stinky breath). This product is really amazing! Worth every penny! (Posted on 1/2/13)
Effective, easy to use! Review by Laura
This gel is great. I use it nightly on my 6 year old border collie's teeth. It prevents calculus from forming and reduces plaque greatly. If she does ever get a little plaque, I can scrape it right off her teeth because of this gel. Worth every penny. My friend with two GSD's uses it now and has great results as well. (Posted on 7/8/12)
Great product Review by Cindy
My Sheltie has lanced canines and the vet told me to keep them brushed because they would trap food and tartar quickly. At age 8 months the gumline was already red. I brushed with the toothpaste from the vet with no results. A couple of applications of this product and the gum line is no longer red. He likes it and comes to have his teeth brushed. A bit pricey but well worth it. He has nice white teeth that I want to keep that way so he will be staying on this product.
(Posted on 5/10/12)
Amazing! Review by debi
I have three shih tzu/yorkie mixes, Sassy, Missy, and Speedy who weigh under 10 pounds. Speedy had open heart surgery before he was a year old and amazingly survived! Due to his condition, my vet will not give him anethesia for teeth cleaning but has been very concerned about the tartar on his teeth. At eight years old, Speedy has lost all of his upper and lower teeth. Sassy, age 9, had her teeth cleaned two years ago. At our last visit my vet recommended that both she and Missy, age 10, be scheduled for teeth cleaning. I had seen several advertisements about Petzlife Oral Care Gel and decided to give it a try. After just 3 days of use, all of my dogs teeth improved significantly! I used the Oral gel every night for one week and reduced usage to three times a week. Now that I am using Petzlife Oral Care, the cleaning is not necessary! Thanks for a great product! I'm can't wait for my new order of Petzlife shampoos and F'rst Defenz for myself to arrive! (Posted on 3/30/12)
I took my 14 year old beagle to get her teeth cleaned. The vet would not put her under because of her age. I was BUMMED. I could tell she had some issues going on. Her breath was horrendous and I noticed her gagging and smacking her mouth because the taste was so bad because of the tartar. Sounds funny, but I got concerned. I went by my natural pet food store to pick up dog food and I told the owner what happened. She took me straight to the PETZLIFE ORAL CARE GEL. She told me I would not be disappointed. Well, after 2 days ... her bad breath has subsided! She is so finicky and she won't let me touch her mouth, so I put in on her lip and she opens up (not without a fight lol). I am so amazed and SO GREATLY THANKFUL for this product. I can tell she feels better. She's a new dog. Again, I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH for this product!!! Every dog owner should be using it! (Posted on 1/19/12)
Fantastic Review by Greyhound Mom
My two Greys were quoted $1400 for cleanings for advanced gigivitis. One Grey was 12 yrs old, the other new to our home, neither had ever had cleanings...anesthesia not a choice in my eyes. I purchased a bottle of Oral Care gel and used it once or twice a week and large chunks of plaque came off and their gums look great after a year. Vet was surprised by the progress. The younger dog actually shows her teeth when I get the bottle out of the cupborad! Bonus - no more "fish" breath! (Posted on 12/14/11)
Amazing Product Review by Sangria
My vet told me I had to have my dog's gums scraped because they were very red and had bacteria and heading toward gum disease. Someone had told me about this oral gel and so I tried it. My dog is small and I only put a small amout of gel on my finger and go across her gums every night. I cannot believe the quick turnaround. Within a week I saw great progress and in a short amout of time her gums were pink. My vet couldn't believe it. Great Product! (Posted on 12/11/11)
I thought to myself, man this stuff is exspensive, I even took pictures of their teeth the first day after I bought it cause I need pictures to prove to myself and others that this stuff really works. Im on the SECOND day of use and WOW my dogs dont have stinky breath& gums arent bleeding as bad when touched!!!!The older dogs is use to teeth brushing, as I have tried with the $5 dog toothpaste, which didnt work but she loved the flavor & I wanted to stay in a routine with teeth cleaning. Now this peppermint gel gets her coming to me with the tongue licking and I apply it to a soft bristled tooth brush but I really dont fully brush cause she licks it off the brush as Im putting it into her mouth. The other dog has never had her teeth cleaned so I just put it on my finger and apply to teeth. Im undecided if dog #2 likes the flavor but I see they carry salmon! (Posted on 12/5/11)
Glad to have found this stuff!! Review by Dog & Kitty Mom
After my Kobe's last teeth cleaning I swore never to have him put under again! He was out of it for several days. The peppermint gel is easy to use and will keep his teeth and breath minty fresh!!

My cat is not a fan of the peppermint but I give it to her anyway! She's 7 1/2. My last Vet appointment they recommended that we have her teeth cleaned soon. With the economy $200+ for a teeth cleaning is not in the budget...plus I don't want to put her under either. Next time we'll try the salmon flavor!! I'm sure she'll like that one much better. (Posted on 10/24/11)

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