4 oz. Oral Care Gel - Peppermint

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This stuff works! Review by JJ
I had booked my older Labrador in for his annual teeth cleaning at a cost of about $200 when I decided to try Petzlife peppermint gel. I've been using it on him twice a day for 10 days now with brushing every other day. Today his teeth are clean. The plaque on his teeth is gone and his breath is not stinky. I would've never believed it if I hadn't tried it myself. I've also been using it on my Dachshund and his teeth are incredibly clean and white now. I just saved hundreds on teeth scaling appointments. I don't know what's in this stuff or why it works but it does. (Posted on 7/19/11)
Its great using on him Review by Bear our assie
Mr Bear comes running very morning for his brushing and gel He will just sits while I bush, then I put the gel on his teeth He smiles off to play What a great product. . (Posted on 7/8/11)
Glad I found this product!!! Review by Ollie and Henry's Mom
I have a 14 yr. old dachshund named Henry that I was having his teeth cleaned every 3 yrs. But at 14 I thought that was to old for a professional cleaning . I started looking for something and found your product.I am really impressed with how it cleans the plaque off and keeps the breath fresh. I also use it on my 2 yr. old pug Ollie and his teeth are white and look beautiful. My vet is very impressed. I will continue to use this product and am very happy I found it. (Posted on 7/4/11)
Thank you for a amazing ALL NATURAL product! Review by Jenine
Petzlife has been a GOD SEND for our Shih Tzu's teeth!! The Vet told us on her last visit that she will need another professional cleaning soon & I was desperate to find an alternative. I haven't even used it every day & I already see results!! I love this product because it is ALL NATURAL!!

My daughter saw the results last night & ordered some for her Shih Tzu as well!! :)

A VERY satisfied customer!!
(Posted on 5/12/11)
Best product EVER!!!! Review by Bella's mom
I used the gel on my little dog Bella and within one week almost all the plaque was gone, I have never seen anything like it. I use it once a week to maintain and her teeth are perfect. It really is a miracle cure for small dogs who generally have a lot of plaque. I no longer have to put her to sleep to get her teeth cleaned. (Posted on 1/4/11)
I have an 8yr old Newfoundland and he has never had his teeth cleaned . I agree with Debbie Brookham, that anesthesia is not an option at this age. I am also in the medical field and I am a TRUE believer of the ORAL CARE GEL. I have used it for ONLY 2 weeks and BOY what a difference in the tarter on BIG JAKES teeth. I will be ordering more and plan on using this product faithfully. It is an AMAZING PRODUCT with amazing results. Thank you for such a GREAT GREAT PRODUCT (Posted on 9/23/10)
Amazing Product!! Review by Debbie
Dear PetzLife,
I am simply amazed with your oral care gel! I have a Sheltie rescue dog, Sparkle, who has been suffering from severe tarter and gingivitis. As the owner of Furry Friends, Inc. a mobile pet food delivery service, I often run across articles in the trade journals about new products. We are always on the lookout for healthy, nutritional supplements and look for products with a holistic, safe and natural approach. Well, I ran across an article about Petzlife. The article claimed all sorts of wonderful things, like never needing a teeth scaling again! As a Registered Radiologic Technologist, with 20 years of medical experience, I was a bit skeptical of the claims. However, I also know the dangers of anesthesia, and the expense. Putting our older dog Sparkle under anesthesia for a teeth cleaning, was just not an option. I called and thought I would try a bottle on Sparkle and see if she would benefit. I also want to help our thousands of customers who have the same problem as we do in our home. I started Sparkle on the recommended schedule, twice daily. She seemed not to mind the process at all. Well, by the FOURTH day, I went to put some on her back gums and holy cow! the plaque was falling off on my finger. I simply cannot believe it! I am now using it on all 5 of our dogs and the cat. The cat just licks it off his paw, no problem. I am excited to be getting this product in for our customers. I know they will have the same results I personally experienced.

Thank you for bringing such a great product to market.
Debbie Brookham Furry Friends, Inc.
'The Pet Food Store That Comes To YOUR Door'
www.furryfriendsinc.com 719-495-PETS (7387)
(Posted on 7/12/10)

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