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@-Eaze - Calming Support for Pets 4.5 oz.

@-Eaze - Calming Support for Pets 4.5 oz.

Product Review (submitted on April 28, 2011):
Our 5 yr. old Yorkie has been terrified of thunderstorms and fireworks since we got her at 12 weeks. I just wish I had discovered this earlier. Our vet had us giving her Children's Benadryl to calm her and it didn't help a bit.

This product arrived yesterday and we had a moderate thunderstorm last night. I gave her 1/4 tsp. and within five min., though she was still nervous, all her shaking stopped.

Last night instead of racing all over the bed, running across our bodies, wanting on the floor and as soon as we put her down, scratching to get back up, she just snuggled up against me under the blanket and stayed there with minimal shaking and panting. When the storms started up again at 4 in the morning, I got up and gave her another dose and in five minutes she was calm enough to rest at the foot of our bed until morning.

I haven't tried it in a severe storm, but based on what I saw with the first use, I know it will help a lot. Thank you for this product. And being all natural and not drugging her I don't worry about if I don't get the exact amount.