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Question: PetzLife and LebaLab---What is the difference?

I've read about some good results with your product. Wondering how this compares with a product called LebaLab? Are they similar in ingredients, any comparison you can tell me about? I understand yours is grapefruit seed extract, is that right? Is it safe for my cat's & dog's ingestion, will it be hard on their stomach? Thank you for taking the time to educate me a bit on this. I am very eager to get something for my pets that will be safe, effective and healthy for them!

Beverly Montgomery

Hi Beverly-- Many good things have been said about both of our products -- Originally Leba was the only oral care product that seemed to actually remove plaque and tartar--the main ingredient in Leba's product is Alcohol then they have something called Lamacea and Rosacea---

I had been researching for over 25 years on a great oral care product that could stop colds and sore throats in people--I was working with Grapefruit seed extract-- and grape seed extract--we originally started with these ingredients---and had amazing results for oral care for dogs and cats--when we applied it to their teeth---then almost immediately we knew we needed something easier to apply for cats--most cats freak-out when you come at them with a spray bottle--- and we introduced our gel-- then came 4 other fantastic ingredients-- neem oil --peppermint oil -- thyme oil and rosemary oil-- all of these have fantastic antibacterial -- antiviral and even anti-parasitic--qualities--that even reverse gingivitis and other gum disease.

The results are truly astounding--the Holistic vets love our ingredients and our very special blend--they have used all individually in their own Homeopathy Remedies--we already have over 70 holistic vets that love our product and re-orders verify how well it is working--Many concerns have been expressed about the toxicity of our ingredients-- all are without merit-- our success rate with over 3,000,000 bottles now being used--has helped to quell these concerns--Beverly we then came out with a more taste friendly product our gel with salmon oil--cats find much more to their liking and even dogs love the taste--our little 8 month old Bichon likes the taste so much she comes running after the bottle for more!

As far as your specific dog and cats digestion-- we always suggest that if you are concerned start with smaller amounts then recommended and build up to recommended amounts when you see no signs of your pet coming off of diet or any other signs of discomfort-- every one of these concerns are covered in our Ask the Experts section on our site.

Again -- the only thing similar in our ingredients with Leba is the alcohol--many prescription medications have a higher % of alcohol then we have in ours-- We have many reports from Vets and other professionals that have used both Leba & now PetzLife--they all have reported that PetzLife works more then twice as fast -- we give almost twice the amount of the product--and we cost less then half as much--My understanding is that they are charging $50 for a 1 oz bottle that has 250 sprays--that price includes $10 shipping from Canada ---Our 2.2 oz spray bottle has over 450 sprays and our retail is $24.95--our gel contains 4 oz works even faster then our spray and only costs $29.95 and we offer a twin-pack special for $58.95--this includes both the spray and the gel and the shipping-- and in your case-- I would recommend the salmon oil twin-pack--for both dogs and cats--

Beverly, I sincerely hope this has helped answer some of your questions and has helped to alleviate your concerns--while I was responding to your e-mail I just had another Vet Clinic join us-- the Name is Creature Comfort Holistic Veterinary Center in Oakland CA--please check our site in a few days they will be added---and Catherine from Beyond Spoiled also in California just re-ordered 28 more bottles of gel and spray for her store and gave us rave reviews!!

You have a great week-end and I look forward to you using our products on the loves of your life!!

--Bud Groth Owner PetzLife Products

PetzLife vs. Leba continued

HI, I'm writing you this letter to let you know how much I like your product. My puppies were about 1 year old, when they first started showing signs of tartar build up even though I had been brushing their teeth with dog toothpaste. I came across a competitors(Leba) ad in a magazine, so I tried it for awhile and saw no results. Then I saw your product in a magazine claiming to do the same, but I almost did not purchase it because of my experience with the last product. However, we tried it. My girls (She-She and Bella) are now 2 1/2 yrs old and their Vet says their teeth look great. They are no were near ready for a dental cleaning. I now only have to use your products for maintenance a few times a week. We will continue to use PetzLife and recommend your product forever.

Thanks from all of us. Robin & Davida She-She & Bella

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