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Subject: Cat with Diabetes

I am very interested in your product. I have a cat with diabetes who has alot of tartar and his gums are realy red and infected. I need to stay away from anything that has sugar or carbohydrates in it. can you tell me what is in your teeth product?? I couldn't find a list of ingredients anywhere. I am not that good at the computer so that could be why. I will buy the products if there is no sugar

thank you,
Kristin Hicks


Subject: Re: cat with diabetes

Hi Bud and Kristin,

Yes, this product would definately be safe and beneficial in diabetic cats.

Research done in the last few years on diabetic cats and diet also determined that if you keep your cat on a high protein/low carb diet you can often decrease or eliminate their insulin requirements. This means feeding mainly moist or canned food. There is one dry food that is low carb/high protein made by Innova called EVO. You can find it in health food stores and in major pet stores. It contains no grains at all.

Another interesting tidbit....For years we have been told that dogs and cats need to be fed dry kibble "to scrape their teeth" and keep them clean. In fact, kibble is higher in carbohydrates, and carbohydrates turn to sugars at the gum line and actually cause gingivitis and tartar. After hearing this at a conference I started paying more attention to my patients, their mouths, and their diet. The patients with the best looking teeth were my indoor/outdoor cats that liked to hunt and eat mice. The worst teeth did in fact belong to those cats and dogs on a low quality kibble that ate nothing but kibble.

Have a great day
Dr Susan

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