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Dog Licking and Biting


Can you recommend a good web site for dog's healthcare. Cibo is at night only biting and licking his rear end. It is almost like he has flies, but that is not the case, he has Advantage flea control every month. I brought him to the vet twice, and they cleaned out his anal glands, they were not that bad, and he is still going at his rearend. The Vet said he wants to put him to sleep and take a look at what might be going on, of course I don't want that at all. I thought I might be able to find a cream, he may have an allergy, or I may be able to find something on my own.

PS: I had his yearly check up when was at the Vets office last week and he checked his teeth and he said they looked good, thanks to your product. Last year they wanted to clean his teeth, and said they looked bad.

Take care and thanks,



Hi Bud,

If Jim's vet can't find anything wrong on physical exam and the dog has had a fecal sample checked for worms, this would be a perfect example for an animal communicator consultation.(If Jim is open to that). The two most common causes for licking at the back end are full anal glands or tapeworms. Monthly heartworm preventatives do not kill tapeworms.

Most animal communicators do consultations by phone.

Dr Susan

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