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Hypothyroid dog/cat

From: Karen
Sent: Monday, June 23, 2008 4:37:10 PM
Subject: Gel + hypothyroid

My dog is hypothyroid taking .2 Soloxine 2 times a day. Is this product safe for use with this condition?



BUD GROTH <> wrote:

Hi Susan -- what is your thought -- I think with everything we have seen this should not present a problem -- I would suggest taking a smaller dosage and build up to recommended when no additional problems are noted?


Hi Bud,
Hypothyroid dogs sometimes have weak immune systems, so Petzlife would be a great product to keep gingivitis at bay.

According to Jean Dodds DVM, there is a strong link between hypothyroidism and annual vaccinations. I would seriously consider just running vaccine titers on this dog in the future.

Have a great day!
Dr Susan


Feel free to use my question in the ask the experts section. Tell Dr. Susan the following: Thanks for the help and I do the titer tests. Also, I attribute Jake's condition to toxic exposure, specifically...burning candles. (I am now chemically sensitive.) In a matter of a few months he went from 1.2 mg Soloxine 2/day to .2 2/day. (I am now tracking fluctuations with his food intake.) Perhaps this tooth gel will help him detoxify further. I will place an order soon and let you know what happens. Thanks, Karen

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