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Ingredient Questions:

ingredient: grape seed extract

Hi, you guys called and sent some info about your product for teeth. I also visited your site. Lots of great testimonials. I noticed that one of the first ingredients is grape seed extract. I know that for some unknown reason grapes and raisins can be toxic to dogs, sometimes causing renal failure, and I was concerned about grape seed extract's safety. I'd really like to try your products and perhaps carry them in my store, can you ease my concerns?

Thanks in advance,
Sharon Wolff
Bella's Pet Boutique


I think the issue of grape and raison toxicity, like chocolat toxicity is really blown out of proportion by the media. Yes, they can be a large quantities. I've had many clients over the years that feed their pets a couple grapes or raisons as a snack, with no problems. But you obviously would not want to give a five pound chihuahua a cup of grapes Many Hunters use to give their hunting dogs a chocolat bar halfway thru the hunt for a "boost". Again no problems. I don't recommend giving dogs chocolat and some dogs are more sensitive to it than others, but again in small quantities it usually won't cause a problem.

Grape seed extract is not toxic. We use a product called proanthozone for allergies in dogs and cats and it's active ingredient is grape seed extract. It's a great product, my own dog takes it for his allergies. We sell it in quantities ranging from 10mg to 50mg. My dog takes 100mg a day and he is a 65lb Border Collie mix.

Hope this helps.
Dr Susan


Subject: oral gel/neem
I am concerned about the neem in your oral gel, but it does get my attention. I have two older dogs who my vet says needs anethesia and teeth cleaning I would like to try your procuct first but can you exlpain why you feel that neem is safe to injest.

thanks very much,

Hi Cynthia---

This is a very good question--

We have many people inquire about natural oils especially in cats-- I have many Vets also that have inquired about our various ingredients including NEEM oil-- and after we explain that less then 1/100th of the formulation is made up of any of our essential oils they are very pleased with the concentration-- especially when in our recommended usage less then 1/3rd of a teaspoon is recommended in very small breed dogs and cats--now take 1/100th of that and when it is used daily for the first 30 days on serious conditions with a topical application, and then the maintenance phase is one application every 3 to 4 days--the actual amount of any of our essential oils is very very small--- and to add to the safety issue as I mentioned earlier it is a topical application and yes some is ingested--but with approximately 700,000 bottles used-- and not one reported case of injury or death we have a fantastic record when compared to anesthesia scaling--according to the statistics reported in a very large study of 2,500 dogs-- going under anesthesia-- if the same 700,000 using our product chose anesthesia scaling instead according to the study ---2,358 would have died and 12 % or another 60,000 would have been injured!!!

Now you ask why would we use neem oil in our formulation-- this information is on our web site and is very informative about the benefits--

Neem Oil

The medicinal properties of Neem have been described in ancient Indian medical texts (4000 B.C.) such as the Atharva Veda, Ghrhyasutras and the Sutragranthas. The sanskrit name, nimba, is a derivative of the term nimbati syasthyamdadati - meaning 'to give good health'.

Literally, every part of the tree has a use. The products of the Neem tree are known to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic.

------Neem for viral diseases----

Neem has been used traditionally in India to treat several viral diseases. ----Neem extracts absorbs the viruses effectively preventing them from spreading over unaffected cells. Recent tests have shown that Neem is effective against herpes virus and the viral DNA polymerase of hepatitis B virus.

------Neem for respiratory disorders------

Nose, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi and lungs comprise the respiratory system.
Commonest symptom found in many respiratory disorder like bronchitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, tuberoclosis, pleuritis etc is cough. Decoction of Neem is used as a antitussive for dry cough.

Even in Africa, Tropical America etc where Neem has been introduced in recent times, people have used Neem as herbal treatments for various ailments. A large number of medicinals, cosmetics, toiletries and pharmaceuticals are now based on neem products.

Ancient Indian texts refer to Neem as Sarva Roga Nivarini, "the curer of all ailments."

Cynthia-- Please always check with your vet-- we can not tell you what to do but we want you to make an educated decision -- we have 100's of vets that love our results and are using our product very effectively in their practices and we would welcome the opportunity to talk with yours.

I hope I have answered your concerns and if you still have questions I would be very happy to talk with you and you can talk with our veterinarians on staff as we value every person such as yourself, interested in providing an alternative to traditional methods when it comes to the safety of their furry loves!!!!

Bud Groth, Owner PetzLife Products.

Note: Cynthia-- the most amazing thing about Neem-- is what it says above about the Herpes Virus-- Studies have indicated that over 50 million persons alone in the US suffer from this virus--our People Product has 3 times the active ingredients as PetzLife and is called F'rst Defenz and is getting rave reviews from persons suffering from active sexual herpes outbreaks and those suffering from chronic cold sores--

Again-- I hope we have alleviated some of your concerns and I would appreciate it if you would allow us to put this interchange on our site --many people have your same concerns and this would help.

Thanks, Bud

Wow Bud I have never had such a good response to a question I appreciate your care and concern when answering it I really do, and yes I feel much better about your product I will get with my vet and will let her know about this product but i feel i do want to try it I would be honored for you to use this interchange on your site I am just so pleased that you take such concern for alternate care of our animals I have strived for this for many years

Thank you so much,

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