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Katrina Rescue

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The reason for this testimonial is that when we first got Marina she had infected gums and we have been using PetzLife Oral Care products for over a year at our Rescue facility and I personally used the Oral Spray on Marina starting last fall. I am no longer amazed at how well these products work but as you can see by the pictures all the redness is totally gone on her gums, and her teeth are 95% tartar free. I only sprayed once/day usually in the evening before bedtime. Now I spray every 2 days.

PetzLife has now come out with professional sizes for organizations like ours. It has made it affordable for us to use on all our rescue animals and is another income source when we retail. I urge you to take a look at these great oral care products for your shelter and rescue organizations. And, if any of you are questioning if these products are safe for your precious pet, take another long look at the before and afters of Marina. The New Love of my Life!"

Mary Salter
Director of Operations
Animal Ark "No Kill Shelter", Hastings MN.

Famous Katrina Rescue Thriving at Animal Ark

The day Marina was rescued from New Orleans, She turned out to be a very lucky little girl. Traumatized, emaciated and dehydrated, she had lost all of her hair, likely because she had been exposed to toxic waters that she probably had to swim though. When rescuers came through her neighborhood looking for animals, she was too frightened. Instead of greeting them, Marina went and hid behind a large, ceramic pot. She was nearly invisible in the debris, against a chain link fence.

The people almost left without spotting her. But because this was Marina's lucky day, something made them take a second look. The before picture on this page was photographed by Best Friends Animal Society just before Marina was captured and brought to the St. Francis Animal Shelter in Tylertown, Mississippi. Following her rescue, her picture was published all over. She has been seen on Animal Planet and on web sites all over the World. But the little dog's luck did not stop there. Recognizing that Marina needed extensive medical care, they asked Animal Ark to take responsibility for the sweet dog. She was one of the first animals allowed out of Tylertown. She road the long trip to Minnesota on the lap of Animal Ark volunteers in our new shelter van.

Though no one really knew what breed she was when she arrived (guesses ranged from a Poodle to a Chinese Crested), Marina is now doing very well in foster care. And just look at her "After" picture above! She is one cute, happy and healthy little girl! Very spoiled, too. And now we even know she IS a poodle!

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