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Kidney failure:


My dog has kidney failure and I am wondering how safe is your product for a kidney failure dog? He has also had liver problems before, and is starting to get heart problems. Do you have any customers with kidney failure dogs who have used your product? Any referrals?

I am in Singapore, how long will it take to ship here and how much is the shipping cost for a bottle of gel and spray?

Also, after reading your directions, I am still confused about whether I should get the gel or spray or both. Do I actually use the gel as a toothpaste, or do I use the gel like the spray, apply then wait half an hour then brush? Then after waiting half and hour, when I brush, can I use my regular dog toothpaste to brush? I also use a gauze with water and msm/goldenseal for his teeth at the same time. Is that okay?

My dog has really bad teeth and gums now, and he has receding gums, alot of little niches in his teeth or between his teeth and gums where the food collects and it's hard to get it out. He just had a dental but the vet tried to avoid removing teeth instead of removing more of the teeth causing him probs and so he is even worse than he was before the dental. It has been more than two months since his dental and he is unwilling to eat now as we think his teeth hurt, and is on antibiotics but it is not helping. Can your product still help? If it can, I really need it asap as we have struggled with him not eating for 6 months.

Thank you.

Hi Alicia,
I agree that the Oral Care gel and/or spray would be very beneficial to this dog. I would also encourage Alicia to locate a veterinarian in her area that practices homeopathy to treat the kidney failure.

good luck,
Dr Susan

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