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 What Veterinarians have to say about Petzlife Oral Care products.


My name is Dr. Elizabette Cohen and I am a pet owner, a practicing veterinarian for 21 years, a radio pet reporter, and the author of Most of My Patients Wear Fur. In chapter 4 of my book, I discuss the importance of oral hygiene. Brushing teeth at the puppy and kitten stage can help with teething, prevent many mouth problems and can even prevent heart, liver and kidney diseases later on!

I have 2 wonderful dogs that I love very much. The oldest is my black Labrador retriever, Allie. She is 18 years old and I am convinced she made it to such an old age because I do a lot of preventative care like daily teeth brushing. I have been brushing her teeth for many years now and luckily, she has good genes. I never had to perform dentistry on her. However, my 5-year old Rottie rescue, Roxy, is not as lucky. Even though she gets her teeth brushed daily, she must have lousy genes, because she still builds up some plaque and tartar. Performing a proper dentistry requires anesthesia and I do not want to put her under if I do not have to. No matter how many precautions are taken, anesthesia still poses a risk. This is why I am so excited about PetzLife oral care products. I love the fact that these products are all natural. They are so easy to use. Every night, (because my dogs are used to me brushing their teeth) I apply some gel on the toothbrush and brush the gel directly onto the teeth. In the morning, I take a piece of gauze and wipe the plaque and tartar right off. Wow! After using the product for just 1 week, I saw results.

Note: For patients that are not used to brushing, I suggest that you rub the gel liberally onto the teeth in the evening before bedtime, then wipe with gauze in the morning. After 1 week of doing this every night, you too should see a difference.

Some of you might be concerned about the grain alcohol in this product, but many liquid medications use the same grain alcohol that gets safely ingested by the patients. These oral care products get applied directly to the teeth, so if some gets swallowed there is no need to worry.

Thank you PetzLife for oral care products that help keep my pets and everyone else's, "Healthy and Happy!"

Dr. Elizabette Cohen
Host of "Healthy and Happy Pet" heard on worldwide and WCBS 880 AM News Radio in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut


I am an employee at the Animal Healing Center, a holistic veterinary practice in Yardley, Pennsylvania. Our Chief of Staff found Petzlife at a seminar and brought it to our practice. I couldn't wait to try it and I'm so glad I did. We are recommending this to all of our clients and are having a hard time keeping in stock. It seems to be flying off the shelves. After two weeks of using Petzlife on my show dog Chase, the tartar and plaque on his teeth are gone. I have used both the spray as well as the gel. It has made my life easier and Chase likes it that way too.  

Thank you Petzlife for this fantastic product.                         

Tobi Krueger and Chase


I would like to commend Petzlife for a great group of products.  We have long been very wary of repeated anesthetic  procedures to clean our patients' teeth.  In light of some recent data, that showed brain cell damage due to anesthetics, we are even more aware of the potential toxicities, in addition to the already known anesthetic risks.  So, it was with great anticipation that we took on the Petzlife line of dental products.  In just the few months that we have been stocking this, it has been flying off of our shelves, and we can visibly see improvement in the oral health of our patients, without having to rub and scrub their teeth. I was a bit skeptical that something that was simply wiped or sprayed into the gumline could be effective, but my staff and I are thoroughly impressed.   We use it for a few weeks,  prior to dentals, in those patients that have heavily diseased mouths, and will use it as continuous followup to try and delay any further pathologies.   Milder cases have simply had tartar start to disappear, with minor manual brushing, after 3-4 weeks,and their breath is certainly improved.  Kudos to  Petzlife for a truly holistic approach to oral health in our pets!


PJ Broadfoot (26 Years DVM Holistic and Traditional Care)

6509 Alma Hwy

Van Buren, AR 72956



I am a holistic veterinarian and am always in search of natural products for my patients.  PetzLife dental products have been a great addition.  I feel like I have a new "tool" against tartar. In my 17 years in practice I have often seen older pets undergo anesthesia for dental cleanings or growth removals, and they were never the same afterwords.  Some even developed seizures.  Petzlife Oral Care has worked on my patients that have had severe tartar and gingivitis.  Before discovering this product we had to perform dental cleanings under anesthesia or resort to keeping the animal on antibiotics (As a holistic vet I don't use antibiotics very often).  Now we can cure the problem while avoiding the anesthesia and the drugs !  

Keep up to good work Petzlife.  

Susan Maier, D.V.M.



Just wanted to drop a line to tell you how pleased I am with the Petzlife Oral Care products. I have received very encouraging feedback from my clients who have used it. I have also been using it on my own dogs and, even though I am not as "regular" as I should be with it, my 14 year old Havanese with 'sewer breath' (who sleeps on my pillow) has been a much more pleasant sleeping partner! I've been practicing veterinary medicine for over 30 years and, while I have not had any experience losing a patient during a dental procedure, I much prefer dealing with tartar problems without anesthesia when at all possible and the Petzlife Oral Care products are simply the most effective that I have found, short of ultrasonic scaling. Thanks for a great addition to our dental tool chest!

Joanne V Baldwin DVM
Cardinal Animal Hospital

Dr. Joanne V. Baldwin is a 1973 graduate of Kansas State University. She has been practicing small and exotic animal medicine in Richmond, VA since 1974. Her goal is to educate animal owners to the needs of their pets to optimize the life of the pet and to make the most of the human/animal bond. Her focus is on a combination of conventional and holistic medicine to provide an opportunity for the animal's immune system to assist medical therapy. The ability to decide when to intervene and when to allow nature to do the healing is an integral part of the art of veterinary medicine. Doc raises and shows Havanese dogs and also belongs to Caring Canines visiting, as time permits, with Poppy and Pearlie. She and her longtime companion, Richi, live in Goochland with 4 adult Havanese, Poppy, Posy, Pearlie and Pala, and 3 cats, Willy, Rip and Cinder.


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