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PetzLife Testimonials

I work in a grooming shop where Robin a 5lb Maltese had the rotten teeth beyond belief. Well we gave her mom your spray and she was faithful twice a day for 30 days. She came in Sat. to our amazement her plaque thick thick came right off. She will only need a brushing next time and the poison lessen in her mouth add years to her life. So what I would like to know do you sell whole sale and need printed directions.Lab test results letting people know it is safe for their dog. I just bought the package for two people last night. Please let me know thanks.
Claudia Brooks

Tilly Before Tilly After only 10 days Tilly After 38 days using “Life forTeeth”
Well here is miss Tilly and boy if we didn’t do the cleaning we wouldn’t believe it was the same dog. I got that big black plaque off her back molar . Her dad said he has only been spraying once a day, but said boy does her mouth smell better.*Note: Fur Friend Z has sold over 90 bottles of spray and gel in their first 2 months!! That is an extra $900 profit and are excited about all the referral business!

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