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We are Greyhound adopters since 1992 and have 3 now plus an occasional foster. Petzlife oral products actually do everything that the information tells you. Removes plaque, tartar and freshens breath. Just follow the directions and you will get positive results. Most results you can see in 2-4 weeks and other as long as 6 weeks.

We placed our order in the summer of 2006 and now ready to order again. We followed the directions and after 1 month a maintenance program was started. As Petzlife information tells you, this is very cost effective. We use the gel in the evening every other day and the spray 2 days a week and regular dog tooth pasted the other days. We get comments on how well our Greyhounds teeth look all the time. We tell people the people this product works.

The product is so good that if any plaque builds up you can scrape off with your finger nail.

We took one of our Greyhounds to our vet and he scraped the excess loose tartar off without anesthesia. This is a first for us.

We have used the Cranberry shampoo and had good results with this product also.

Want to have a good healthy life with your pet, make sure you get this product whether a dog or cat, you cannot go wrong.

Please read the other testimonials, as they all talk the same language on how pleased the results are from these products.

We are referring many Greyhound adopters and adoption groups. We Also refer distributors to try these products and sign up to sell.

Thank you again for all you do to assist our loving pets to have a great life.

Best Regards
Bob Taylor, WSP, MN

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