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PetzLife Testimonials

I’ve attached a picture of my Bernese Mountain Dog, Lucia, smiling because I haven’t brushed her teeth in over a month.

Last Spring I spend over $800 having her teeth cleaned (the pre-tests were most as much as the anesthesia and procedure). Despite weekly brushing and application of another dental gel, her gums were getting red, bleeding with a lot of tartar accumulation on her teeth. Dr. Joe from Mountain Lore Animal Hospital in Plantsville CT. recommended your product. I was skeptical – he said he was too.  So he tested it on his two Berners and it was NOT too-good-to-be-true!  I guess I was more surprised that instead of scheduling Lucia for another appointment that would be over $500.00, he sold me a bottle of your gel for $26.00.  I guess he really loves animals and would not want to subject them to the risk. After almost a month, her gums have not bled, they are not swollen and there is a very noticeable tartar reduction on her teeth.

Thank you for this great product!

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