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PetzLife Testimonials

Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2005 9:31 AM
Subject: shampoo

Dear PetzLife,
“After trying your fantastic product for cleaning your pets teeth, I was eager to try your new shampoo product. My 7 year old Westie female was a perfect candidate. She has had problems with her skin since a puppy. Even after vastly improving her diet, it still left her with an oily coat and considerately thinning of hair around the muzzle area. After 7 years I have run the gauntlet of every shampoo on the market. I even branched out to de-greasers and cream rinses trying to find the perfect product. De-greasers only stripped the hair and skin and cream rinses just made her more greasy. After finding some products only made the condition better for a day and other products just made the condition worse. I had given up.
I immediately noticed a difference. MY LITTLE GIRL IS NO LONGER GREASY!!!!!!!!!
After seven years her coat is soft and manageable. With her no longer being oily she stays clean longer. Her skin tone is healthy. She no longer has areas of redness. Your product leaves no heavy perfume to hide doggy odor. It actually eliminates the odor. It rinses easily leaving your dog clean and smelling fresh. As an added bonus, my hands felt softer and smoother after bathing her.
How wonderful to have found a manufacturer who’s products really deliver.”

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