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PetzLife Testimonials

Just got our order in,
We got baths today and tried out our new grooming products and love the new shampoos and conditioner by Petzlife! I tried the Mango shampoo on Jaden and the Oatmeal shampoo on Jewelina and they both smell SOOOOOOOO yummy!! The shampoos lather really nice and do a great job cleaning their coats in a gently way that leaves their coats nice and soft afterwards, not rough or dry feeling at all. The Lavender conditioner smells like you are ina field of Lavender! It is so nice and suprisingly didn’t clash with either of the shampoos I used on Jaden or Jewelina. Their coats looked so nie afterwards, no flakes, and SUPER shiny!! I’m infamous for buying a zillion different grooming products and some of them I love but most of them I don’t. I hear great things about something try it and normally am dissapointed…and I was skeptical about the Cranberry Fields line because of its price, normally something that cheap doesn’t work well but not so with Petzlife, their Shampoo and Conditioner is definitely on our top list of grooming products!! Great price and a GREAT product!


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