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PetzLife Testimonials

Image of Dog Using @-Eaze Calming SupportImage of Dog Using @-Eaze Calming SupportImage of Dog Using @-Eaze Calming Support

This is our delightful fun-loving dog Jamie, who was rescued by Homeward Bound Rescue of Minnesota and brought to the Twin Cities for adoption. He is too young to be a Katrina dog, but having been rescued from the south, we do not know if he went through a bad storm as a pup. But I guess dogs can be afraid of loud noises even if they did not have a puppy-hood trauma. We adopted him in June of 2009 at 6 1/2 months, and he is a delight. He is incredibly wonderful with my daycare child who is growing up with him. We call him our household weatherman because we think he can detect a storm as far away as Nebraska! If the weatherman says it is going to be clear and he starts trembling, 99% of the time he is right and the weatherman is wrong! He will start to tremble and want to hide.I guess that is because he feels the barometric pressure dropping and then feels the static electricity once the storm hits.

I purchased @Ease at the Minnesota State Fair booth in September of 2009, since we had been dealing with his fear of loud noises since June 2009. We have had incredible success with it. When he gets scared he glues himself to the floor and feels like his 43 pounds is 243 pounds, so I go get the bottle, open up his lip and slide some gel in there, and then he licks the rest off my fingers. I really believe that once day day he “asked” me for it when I found him trembling in the kitchen. He licks his lips when he wants food, and since it was not mealtime, I am guessing he was “asking” for the gel when he looked at me and licked his lips! He will visibly calm down in a short time – sometimes it seems like just a few minutes though I imagine it is longer. We had used other products and a tight fitting nylon dog shirt on him, but with the @-Ease, the other things are usually not necessary now. He has learned that fireworks are probably not storms, and will usually just listen to them once he decides they are not thunder.

Thanks for providing such an incredible product.

Janet in MPLS

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