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PetzLife Before and Afters

Before learning about this product, besides having my dentist checking my teeth every year, I wasn’t preforming any oral care on a regular bases. With all the products out there where is a dog to start. I knew I didn’t want to have to use a toothbrush, so that eliminated about half of the products. But there is still lots to choose from.

While attending the Minneapolis PetExpo in June I was able to meet and talk with the wonderful people fromPetzLife. They explained to me the difference between their product and others that are out their.

PetzLife Oral care spray and Gel is 100% natural. The main ingredient in their product is grapefruit seed extract. There are no side effects and they are even safe enough to use on people. When they told me it was safe enough to us on humans, I was sold!

Since there is no brushing involved how do you apply it?
It is recommended that you apply the gel into your pets mouth, directly on the gumline. They will use their tongue to move the product around. On the bottle they tell you the recommended dose to use per your dogs size.

And that is it, easy as 1, 2, 3! No messy toothbrush to deal with and no more doggie breath to smell.

Woody is a 9 year old Sheltie with Dermatomyositis. This inherited disorder can cause skin lesions and in severe cases, affect the muscles of shelties and collies. DM primarily affects Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs, although is seen occasionally in other breeds. It has been recommended that I have his teeth cleaned every 6 months and that is probably not enough. My veterinarian has state of the art equipment for monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, x-rays, etc. My dog receives excellent care, but each cleaning costs me over $500.00 and dogs with DM are adversely affected by stress and surgeries. I desperately looked for alternatives to semi-annual cleanings and found PetzLife on the internet. After talking with the product owner I decided to give it a try. One month later Woody’s teeth and gums look great. There is slight staining on his teeth, but no tartar and his gums are a healthy pink! I now use PetzLife on all my dogs. I have three Papillon’s and Woody, my Sheltie.

I highly recommend PetzLife products. They have made a huge difference in Woody’s life.

Shanna Stordahl
Durango, CO

Before:                                                                                                             After:

This is Munchkin, and she is 15 years old.

I first learned about Petzlife when I attended the HH Backer Trade Show looking for great products to retail in my grooming salon. I had just been looking at Munchkin’s teeth and thinking that I was going to have to have another dental on her, just a year after her first one. Even though she is very healthy, shown by yearly bloodwork, I am hesitant to put any dog under anesthesia. There is always a risk when putting a dog under, especially when they are older. And of course it gets expensive with the anesthetic, dental work, antibiotics, bloodwork, etc. So, when I saw Petzlife I was intrigued and willing to give it a try. I ordered a case for my grooming salon as I had a few other people in mind that would like to try it especially since there are many ways to effectively use the products. I am able to brush my dogs’ teeth nightly, so that is the method I use. The products really do soften up the buildup on the teeth. I was amazed one night when I saw little pieces of tarter breaking off Munchkin’s teeth as she enjoyed a chew treat. Even without brushing, PetzLife oral care along with her normal chewing would have helped her teeth and gums get healthier. Her gums used to bleed when she would chew on treats or I would brush them, now they are healthy and don’t bleed. Others have told me that the products are working for them as well. A Sheltie with kidney disease (so higher risk for anesthesia) was told that a dental would probably need to be done this winter. Ricky’s owner tried the product for a month before his annual vet appointment, and it was decided that he didn’t need the dental – by using the gel his teeth were getting better.

I just ordered two more cases so I have enough on hand to get me through the busy holiday grooming season. I am waiting for a couple clients to come back in so I can see how much their teeth and breath have improved with the use of the Gel or Spray. Thanks for the great product.

Groom’n Time

Before                                After only 2 weeks!!!          After 6 weeks!!!

Note: Redness Cleared!

This is Chopper, my sister’s 12 year old female Pomeranian/Yorkie mix.

Chopper had an infection in her uppler palet which had caused her gums to swell and part of her pallet was pertruding through her front teeth. The plaque was really bad and her breath was terrible. As you can see by the before picture Chopper needed extensive dental work. Because of her age, I did not want my Sister to put Chopper through the ordeal of anesthesia until she had a chance to give PetzLife a chance. I gave a bottle to my sister and asked that she use it twice daily. After two weeks, I asked sis how it was going. She said they have been faithfully spraying every morning and evening, and they had just taken her in to the vet for her routine shots and the vet even commented that her breath wasn’t nearly as bad, but he still wanted to do the dental work. They told their vet they were going on vacation and wanted to wait, and indicated they were using a new dental product but didn’t say what it was. About a week later (three weeks out from the time they started using the Spray ) they dropped Chopper off at my house while they went on vacation. Because of her severe condition, I wanted to speed up the process so I used a dental scraper to see how much of the plaque I could get off. I have used a scraper on my own 2 dogs many times. As I started scraping, I was amazed at how easy it came off. Three weeks earlier I could not get anything off of Choppers teeth and she would pull away because of the pain caused by the infections. As you can see on the after picture, even her gums are looking 100% better. There was one tooth the vet thought should be extracted but that too is healing and might not be a continuing problem. Again, a picture is worth a 1,000 words, the infection that was going on has now lessened and Chopper is a much happier and healthier dog and my sister is amazed, all this without anesthesia. I can’t say enough about how great this product is.

I recommend it to every concerned pet owner!

Way to go PetzLife.
Lori Rhodes

About: Lori Rhodes

                Before: Note Redness                After only 3 weeks: Redness cleared

I work in a grooming shop where Robin a 5lb Maltese had the rotten teeth beyond belief. Well we gave her mom your spray and she was faithful twice a day for 30 days. She came in Sat. to our amazement her plaque thick thick came right off. She will only need a brushing next time and the poison lessen in her mouth add years to her life. So what I would like to know do you sell whole sale and need printed directions.Lab test results letting people know it is safe for their dog. I just bought the package for two people last night. Please let me know thanks.
Claudia Brooks

Tilly Before Tilly After only 10 days Tilly After 38 days using “Life forTeeth”
Well here is miss Tilly and boy if we didn’t do the cleaning we wouldn’t believe it was the same dog. I got that big black plaque off her back molar . Her dad said he has only been spraying once a day, but said boy does her mouth smell better.*Note: Fur Friend Z has sold over 90 bottles of spray and gel in their first 2 months!! That is an extra $900 profit and are excited about all the referral business!

Before: 3/28/08

After: 4/10/08



After only 3 weeks: Redness cleared

Actual Pictures of our test dog, an 11 year old Rottweiler that never had his teeth cleaned ever!!


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