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PetzLife for Cats

I have started to write you at least 20 times and keep getting pulled away. However I am glad that this happened. Now let me tell you why. I have already come to the conclusion that your Oral Care Products are the best! I have used Petrodex  and Tropiclean, along with many others. I have been grooming for over 10 years…. I absolutely love my job as a mobile groomer.  But, I have a client that I groom who has open tumors everywhere. There is one right on his mouth and I am telling you it is awful. The owners have tried literally everything to cut the smell. I got there and the smell was way worse then normal, I was gagging. First thing I did was spray PetzLife in his mouth!!!! I honestly didn’t expect much, but thought the minty smell would do something. I continued to groom him and after about 30 minutes it dawned on me that I was working right by his mouth and wasn’t about to get sick. Yes, it was that bad.  The difference was awesome. I knew it had to be the PetzLife, I couldn’t have become immune to the smell that quickly so I did ask the owner if they noticed a difference, they did and were astounded. I know that a picture is worth a thousand words, however I wish there was a way to gauge the smell before and after. It was truly amazing. Thank You Very Much!!! I love how fast and effective your oral care products work and now I will try all your products, because obviously you have products that truly work. Every Groomer should be introducing their customers to your fantastic Holistic PetzLife Oral Care!

Thank you again,

Sarah Rogers   |  All Pets Grooming


I am the owner/operator of GENTLE DENTAL & ASSOCIATES, a non-anesthesia teeth cleaning business for dogs and cats. I started using your oral spray about 5 months ago after seeing one of your ads in a local magazine. I use the oral spray while I clean the animal’s teeth and was immediately impressed with the way it changed the composition of calculus on the teeth. It was definitely easier to remove the heavy calculus with a dental scalar after using your spray.

After working on an English Setter, whose gum tissue was very inflamed and the dental scaling had caused bleeding to occur, I recommended the owner use PetzLife spray everyday for two weeks, and return for a follow-up visit. The owner returned a few weeks later with the dog, and I could not believe the difference in the dog’s mouth. The gums were much healthier and pink, and I was then able to finish the dental scaling procedure with no bleeding! The client had used PetzLife spray once a day faithfully for two weeks and the results were amazing!

I now recommend PetzLife Oral Spray to all of my clients! I was also able to convince the owners of two of the stores I work out of (Dexter’s Deli in Del Mar and Carlsbad, CA, and Muttropolis stores in Newport Beach, Solana Beach, and La Jolla, CA) to carry your product. They tell me that they cannot keep enough stock on hand to meet the demand! I felt that I had to let you know how impressed I continue to be with your great product. I am a believer!

Thank you for making my job easier, and especially for caring for our pet’s health!


Rhonda Forst
Owner, Gentle Dental & Associates

In our Integrative and Complementary Medicine practice we see many fragile, compromised animals. In treating so many with immune mediated disease, cancer, and metabolic disorders we have found that reduction of dental and gingival disease is critical in reducing antigenic stimulation and systemic inflammation. Anesthesia for conventional dental procedures and prophylaxis is not always in the best interest of these animals; but we have to clean up their mouths and gums as quickly as possible to reduce the burden of infection on their systems. The Petzlife products have been a huge help in making these animals healthier very quickly without compromising them in any way. They are well accepted by most animals (and owners.) The speed with which they work is amazing and owners are very compliant when they see such rapid results. Every animal in our practice has an exam and a recommendation for appropriate oral hygiene; it’s a humane issue as well as a lifetime healthcare necessity and Petzlife products make it easy for us to help all of our patients to be happier and healthier and to live longer.

Judith M. Shoemaker, DVM
AlwaysHelpful Veterinary Services
Internationally known practitioner and eductaor in complementary veterinary medicine and therapy. She has served as a board member and representative for AVCA, AAVA, IVAS, and AHVMA

Dear PetzLife,
I am simply amazed with your oral care gel! I have a Sheltie rescue dog, Sparkle, who has been suffering from severe tarter and gingivitis. As the owner of Furry Friends, Inc. a mobile pet food delivery service, I often run across articles in the trade journals about new products. We are always on the lookout for healthy, nutritional supplements and look for products with a holistic, safe and natural approach. Well, I ran across an article about Petzlife. The article claimed all sorts of wonderful things, like never needing a teeth scaling again! As a Registered Radiologic Technologist, with 20 years of medical experience, I was a bit skeptical of the claims. However, I also know the dangers of anesthesia, and the expense. Putting our older dog Sparkle under anesthesia for a teeth cleaning, was just not an option. I called and thought I would try a bottle on Sparkle and see if she would benefit. I also want to help our thousands of customers who have the same problem as we do in our home. I started Sparkle on the recommended schedule, twice daily. She seemed not to mind the process at all. Well, by the FOURTH day, I went to put some on her back gums and holy cow! the plaque was falling off on my finger. I simply cannot believe it! I am now using it on all 5 of our dogs and the cat. The cat just licks it off his paw, no problem. I am excited to be getting this product in for our customers. I know they will have the same results I personally experienced.

Thank you for bringing such a great product to market.
Debbie Brookham Furry Friends, Inc.


Dear Bud,
Thank you for your terrific product. I have been using Petzlife oral spray for over a year and my cat’s teeth look great. Where I live, they are charging $600-$800 per cleaning! So not only is my cat’s health protected by having less bacteria in his gums and mouth, but he also avoids anesthesia risks at age 15 and I don’t go broke! I love that the product uses natural essential oils. When I get the spray, I use a glass dropper and drop it into the corner of his mouth. It’s much easier. By the way, his name is Bud also.

Thanks again,
Laura and Bud


Dear Petzlife,
I just placed my 2nd order for your Petzlife oral gel. We have several young cats and 1 dog and had planned on taking them all to the vet for the dreaded anesthesia teeth cleaning. After learning about your product in Animal Wellness Magazine, we decided to try it out several months ago. Our pets had moderate tartar, mostly in the hard to reach back molars. We followed your instructions of 2 applications a day for about a month. The first week, we noticed a drastic improvement in breath quality – from stinky breath to neutral breath. There was also a noticeable decrease in redness and inflammation around the gums. After a month, we saw a lot of the tartar removed. We tapered off to applying Petzlife once a day around the 2nd month. After the 3rd month, we were on a maintenance schedule of applying the gel every other day. It is now 4 months later. All the tartar is gone except for a tiny strip in my pets’ molar crevices. This area may just require a vet dental instrument to nudge out. Needless to say, we are amazed and thrilled with the ease and effectiveness of your product. After this year’s pet food scare, we altered a lot of our pets’ food and health regimens. It is important to us to use a nontoxic and natural alternative for our pets’ dental health, also.

Thank you for offering this effective option to the potential upset, cost, and worry of going to the vet for dental anesthesia and cleaning. Especially for those of us with multiple pets. Since our pets are young, we intend to use your product to hopefully keep them in great dental health for the rest of their lives!

Dear Petzlife,
I began testing PetzLife Oral Care Gel in January 2006 in my 10 generation raw meat feeding cat breeding program (ala “Pottenger’s Cats”). The teeth and gums of raw meat eating cats and dogs is extraordinary. However, as you recall, I suggested including pharmaceutical grade salmon oil to the gel, and my results, including palatability, were excellent. We, at Celestial Pets, are pleased to offer our clients this excellent product for their dogs and cats. We are always excited to see what new things you develop as well. PetzLife Oral Care Gel certainly gets our stamp of approval.

Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D.
Celestial Pets Natural Nutrition &
Holistic Healthcare for Cats and Dogs

Dear Petzlife:
I have been using your PetzLife oral gel and spray for about 2 months on my 4 treasures.

My 9 yr. old Schnauzer (Abby) has a stage 4 heart murmur and my vet told me the plaque and tartar on her teeth could be contributing to the seriousness of her condition.

After researching the pros and all the cons of anesthesia scaling I found your wonderful product on-line and ordered the spray and gel. After about a month I took Abby back to my vet and she was shocked at how great her teeth looked and she asked what I had done. Soon you will have another clinic on board selling your products I am sure.

I am now using your products on all four of my loves and their teeth all look wonderful. I recommend this product to everyone. It will cut down on your vet bills associated with bad teeth, including cardiac and renal disease.

Order these products today and you too will be amazed!!

These products are fantastic!!
Tammy Moore
McKinney, TX

Fan of PetzLife PS: I hope you like the collage of my 4 pets that I made using your product brochure.

I recently ordered your products and have been using them on my 3 Bichons and cat. I don’t know about the cat as she won’t let me open her mouth, but it seems to be doing a good job on the dogs. It isn’t even 2 weeks yet and I am already seeing a difference.

I keep telling people about your product as I am so pleased with it. Anything that can keep us away from the vet has my wholehearted endorsement. It’s not that I don’t like my vet….I just don’t agree with so many of the things they do, including vaccines. We’re a very holistic household.

I was just looking through your web site and I saw that beautiful Havanese. They are a “cousin” to the Bichon and a lot of people think my Ciaobaby is a Havanese, but he is actually a Maltese/Bichon mix.

Have a great day!
Thank you.
Evelyn Smithem









We are very pleased with the results of PetzLife dental care products. We use your product with our rescue dogs and cats, as well as our own personal pets. The results are great. The product is so easy to use and many of the dogs actually enjoy it. We are especially partial to the dental gel with Salmon Oil.

Many of our rescues are too old or have medical problems that prevent them from undergoing dental surgery – PetzLife has been an effective alternative. It also freshens their breath and nothing helps improve a rescue’s chances of adoption as sweet, smelling kisses.

Your product has improved these animals health, reduced their exposure to risky surgery, and improved their adoptability. It is easy to use and affordable. Thank you for such an excellent product.

Best regards,
Shannon Landers, Director
Central Coast Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

P.S. Attached is a Christmas photo of 3 rescue dogs that really enjoy using PetzLife. The Lab is 14 years old and too old to safely undergo dental surgery. The chocolate Lab/red nose puppy is just 1 year old but has already undergone 4 surgeries for and has 2 metal plates in his legs and thus is not a candidate for dental surgery as it could risk introducing bacteria into his system. The black/brown American Bull Terrier is perfectly healthy but thanks to your product, the vet has said he does not need dental cleaning.


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