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PetzLife for Dogs


PetzLife Complete Coat Flea and Tick TestimonialBefore using Petzlife’s Complete Coat for our three greyhounds we had no choice but to give them the expensive and toxic flea, tick, & heart-worm medicine that our vet recommended.  Every month when we would give them another toxic dose we would cringe and hope that the chemicals wouldn’t irreparably harm their well-being.  After praying about what to do, the Lord Jesus brought us to Petzlife where we were able to try the Complete Coat spray for ourselves.  It works even better than promised.  We didn’t find one flea or tick on our pups all last year and we had no issues with heartworm either.  Not only does the Complete Coat work wonderfully, but also the Oral Care gel/spray is AWESOME!  Greyhounds are notorious for bad teeth and we have tried everything possible to maintain healthy oral hygiene, including dangerous sedation dentals, which are also very costly.  Nothing worked until we used Petzlife’s Oral Care products.  We are customers for life and we recommend Petzlife and their products to all of our friends and family members.  Keep up the great work Petzlife!

Trapper & Nicki B.
San Diego, CA.

Pickles: Green Collar
Peaches: Orange Collar
Peanut: Purple Collar


Degan is a West Highland White Terrier who has been using PetzLife Complete Oral Care for just over a month.

Degan’s Mommy purchased their PerzLife from Callie Howard-Lawson, owner of The Uptown Hound in Cleveland, Tennessee.  Degan’s  teeth are plaque and tartar free and his Mommy wants to keep it that way.





Taylor, is a Maltese/Shi Tzu mix.  She is 13 years young and for the first 10 years of her life, she had to have her teeth cleaned annually.  Then we discovered PetzLife Oral Spray and Gel.

We have been using the oral spray and gel for three years now. Since using these products, she has not had to have her teeth cleaned, saving us a small fortune and saving Taylor from having to endure the stress of yet another vet visit, but most importantly, the dangers of anesthesia at her age.


Thank goodness for these wonderful products!

I’m excited to introduce to you another one of PetzLife’swonderful product: Bath-Eaze Waterless Shampoo + Conditioner.
This product came in handy yesterday after I went for my first ever “real” swim. By the time I got home I still had that “wet dog” smell and some of my hair was matted. But have no fear for Bath-Eaze was here.
This product is simple and easy to use. First you spray this product on your pet. Next you rub it into their fur. And finally you wipe your pet clean! I now smell so good you could almost smell me through your computer. Not to mention, I’m now as soft as a teddy bear, again.
This product comes in two different sizes: 16 oz bottle and a 4 oz bottle that is handy to have when you are on the go.
I was suprised at how well the Bath-Eaze worked, especially on my tail. My mom had no problems combing out my tangles and I enjoyed all the extra attention.

Before learning about this product, besides having my dentist checking my teeth every year, I wasn’t preforming any oral care on a regular bases. With all the products out there where is a dog to start. I knew I didn’t want to have to use a toothbrush, so that eliminated about half of the products. But there is still lots to choose from.

While attending the Minneapolis PetExpo in June I was able to meet and talk with the wonderful people fromPetzLife. They explained to me the difference between their product and others that are out their.

PetzLife Oral care spray and Gel is 100% natural. The main ingredient in their product is grapefruit seed extract. There are no side effects and they are even safe enough to use on people. When they told me it was safe enough to us on humans, I was sold!

Since there is no brushing involved how do you apply it?
It is recommended that you apply the gel into your pets mouth, directly on the gumline. They will use their tongue to move the product around. On the bottle they tell you the recommended dose to use per your dogs size.

And that is it, easy as 1, 2, 3! No messy toothbrush to deal with and no more doggie breath to smell.

I have two Maltese, a 5 year old female and an 8 year old male. They both now have clean healthy teeth and gums, thanks to Petzlife!

Four years ago, Mattel, my male, had his second–and thankfully his last–dental at four years of age. Because he needed tooth extractions during his dental, I began looking for a way to clean their teeth. They have such small mouths that brushing is just not an option. Then I found Petzlife. Two sprays on each side of their mouths a few times a week, and they have not needed their teeth cleaned again! No more anesthesia and no more tooth loss! My vet even asked on our last visit what I was doing.

I keep Petzlife on my nightstand so I don’t forget to use it. I highly recommend it to all my clients at Ooh LaLa Pet Boutique and groom shop.

Patti Landers, Owner
Ooh LaLa Boutique and Pet shop

The 1st time I used PetzLiife @-Eaze I was treating a patient (13 year old canine) with constant anxiety especially at night and was described by the owner as painful and so uncomfortable that the patient could no longer sleep through the night. After an exhaustive search for a medical cause, the patients was given pain medication and NSAID! (Steroid – Nermax). Neither medication made any difference. We decided to try PetzLife @-Eaze and the difference was amazing. The patient’s anxiety and restlessness decreased greatly and the owners now use PetzLife @-Eaze consistently.

I highly recommend this holistic product in helping manage anxiety and stress for all pets.

Dr. Michael Drey, Jr. D.V.M

Image of Dog Using @-Eaze Calming SupportImage of Dog Using @-Eaze Calming SupportImage of Dog Using @-Eaze Calming Support

This is our delightful fun-loving dog Jamie, who was rescued by Homeward Bound Rescue of Minnesota and brought to the Twin Cities for adoption. He is too young to be a Katrina dog, but having been rescued from the south, we do not know if he went through a bad storm as a pup. But I guess dogs can be afraid of loud noises even if they did not have a puppy-hood trauma. We adopted him in June of 2009 at 6 1/2 months, and he is a delight. He is incredibly wonderful with my daycare child who is growing up with him. We call him our household weatherman because we think he can detect a storm as far away as Nebraska! If the weatherman says it is going to be clear and he starts trembling, 99% of the time he is right and the weatherman is wrong! He will start to tremble and want to hide.I guess that is because he feels the barometric pressure dropping and then feels the static electricity once the storm hits.

I purchased @Ease at the Minnesota State Fair booth in September of 2009, since we had been dealing with his fear of loud noises since June 2009. We have had incredible success with it. When he gets scared he glues himself to the floor and feels like his 43 pounds is 243 pounds, so I go get the bottle, open up his lip and slide some gel in there, and then he licks the rest off my fingers. I really believe that once day day he “asked” me for it when I found him trembling in the kitchen. He licks his lips when he wants food, and since it was not mealtime, I am guessing he was “asking” for the gel when he looked at me and licked his lips! He will visibly calm down in a short time – sometimes it seems like just a few minutes though I imagine it is longer. We had used other products and a tight fitting nylon dog shirt on him, but with the @-Ease, the other things are usually not necessary now. He has learned that fireworks are probably not storms, and will usually just listen to them once he decides they are not thunder.

Thanks for providing such an incredible product.

Janet in MPLS

I’ve attached a picture of my Bernese Mountain Dog, Lucia, smiling because I haven’t brushed her teeth in over a month.

Last Spring I spend over $800 having her teeth cleaned (the pre-tests were most as much as the anesthesia and procedure). Despite weekly brushing and application of another dental gel, her gums were getting red, bleeding with a lot of tartar accumulation on her teeth. Dr. Joe from Mountain Lore Animal Hospital in Plantsville CT. recommended your product. I was skeptical – he said he was too.  So he tested it on his two Berners and it was NOT too-good-to-be-true!  I guess I was more surprised that instead of scheduling Lucia for another appointment that would be over $500.00, he sold me a bottle of your gel for $26.00.  I guess he really loves animals and would not want to subject them to the risk. After almost a month, her gums have not bled, they are not swollen and there is a very noticeable tartar reduction on her teeth.

Thank you for this great product!

PetzLife dental care for dogs is effortless, easy and works -

My little Maltese, above, has beautiful, sparkling white teeth.

Thank you for such a Great product.

Rita Montgomery


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