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PetzLife Oral Care Testimonials


“My fiancé and I use F’rst Defenz at the first sign of getting a cold. It works great and has kept us healthy for the past 2 winters. We also use the Oral Care Spray on our dog Jade. Every time we go to the vet they comment on how beautiful and clean her teeth are. Trust me, there is no smelly dog breath in our house. We love the PetzLife products and recommend to all friends and family.” – Barbie Bexell


I am the owner/operator of GENTLE DENTAL & ASSOCIATES, a non-anesthesia teeth cleaning business for dogs and cats. I started using your oral spray about 5 months ago after seeing one of your ads in a local magazine. I use the oral spray while I clean the animal’s teeth and was immediately impressed with the way it changed the composition of calculus on the teeth. It was definitely easier to remove the heavy calculus with a dental scalar after using your spray.

After working on an English Setter, whose gum tissue was very inflamed and the dental scaling had caused bleeding to occur, I recommended the owner use PetzLife spray everyday for two weeks, and return for a follow-up visit. The owner returned a few weeks later with the dog, and I could not believe the difference in the dog’s mouth. The gums were much healthier and pink, and I was then able to finish the dental scaling procedure with no bleeding! The client had used PetzLife spray once a day faithfully for two weeks and the results were amazing!

I now recommend PetzLife Oral Spray to all of my clients! I was also able to convince the owners of two of the stores I work out of (Dexter’s Deli in Del Mar and Carlsbad, CA, and Muttropolis stores in Newport Beach, Solana Beach, and La Jolla, CA) to carry your product. They tell me that they cannot keep enough stock on hand to meet the demand! I felt that I had to let you know how impressed I continue to be with your great product. I am a believer!

Thank you for making my job easier, and especially for caring for our pet’s health!


Rhonda Forst
Owner, Gentle Dental & Associates

Dear Bud it was very nice talking with you today. I am very pleased with the improvement I have noticed in my dogs teeth and his breath. We have only been using your PetzLife product for about 10 days and I even skipped a few days and already I notice a nice improvement. I am glad we have found a product that works as good as all the claims.

I have tried dogie toothpaste, and even the new dental probiotics for dogs and they either did nothing or gave them the runs. I am looking forward to continued improvement in our 12 year old dogs mouth. At 12 our little dog Hazel has had a bout with pancreatic conditions as well, so we were very concerned about anesthesia complications.

I will send pics soon to show you the before and after’s. I am also looking forward to trying your stronger human version F’rst Defenz as I have an extreme phobia of the Dentist.

THANK-YOU for a Great product.

A dedicated consumer.
Elizabeth Powell
St. Petersburg, Fl. 33710

Dear PetzLife Products!

I would like to let you know that I received the PetzLife Oral Care  to treat my 5 year old Yorkshire terrier “Puddin”. I was distraught to find puddin’s teeth in such bad condition and feared professional cleaning for obvious reasons!

Her gums were swollen, red and bleeding. I had never tried brushing her teeth before now and was only clued in to their drastic condition from her very bad breath. I received your product on 3/22/2007 and began using it right away, following the directions. I only wish I had taken a picture to show you the improvement in just 10 days!  The difference is astonishing! Her gums are now pale again and the heavy plaque is beginning to wear away. I can’t remember when I have been so pleasantly surprised and completely satisfied with a product. I can not understate the importance of this product,  and  finding ways to share the good news with others.

Thank you so much and please let me know how I can help get the word out!”

With much appreciation,
Ginger Slifka

My name is Dr. Elizabette Cohen and I am a pet owner, a practicing veterinarian for 21 years, a radio pet reporter, and the author of Most of My Patients Wear Fur. In chapter 4 of my book, I discuss the importance of oral hygiene. Brushing teeth at the puppy and kitten stage can help with teething, prevent many mouth problems and can even prevent heart, liver and kidney diseases later on!

I have 2 wonderful dogs that I love very much. The oldest is my black Labrador retriever, Allie. She is 18 years old and I am convinced she made it to such an old age because I do a lot of preventative care like daily teeth brushing. I have been brushing her teeth for many years now and luckily, she has good genes. I never had to perform dentistry on her. However, my 5-year old Rottie rescue, Roxy, is not as lucky. Even though she gets her teeth brushed daily, she must have lousy genes, because she still builds up some plaque and tartar. Performing a proper dentistry requires anesthesia and I do not want to put her under if I do not have to. No matter how many precautions are taken, anesthesia still poses a risk. This is why I am so excited about PetzLife oral care products. I love the fact that these products are all natural. They are so easy to use. Every night, (because my dogs are used to me brushing their teeth) I apply some gel on the toothbrush and brush the gel directly onto the teeth. In the morning, I take a piece of gauze and wipe the plaque and tartar right off. Wow! After using the product for just 1 week, I saw results.


Note: For patients that are not used to brushing, I suggest that you rub the gel liberally onto the teeth in the evening before bedtime, then wipe with gauze in the morning. After 1 week of doing this every night, you too should see a difference.

Some of you might be concerned about the grain alcohol in this product, but many liquid medications use the same grain alcohol that gets safely ingested by the patients. These oral care products get applied directly to the teeth, so if some gets swallowed there is no need to worry.

Thank you PetzLife for oral care products that help keep my pets and everyone else’s, “Healthy and Happy!”

Dr. Elizabette Cohen
Host of “Healthy and Happy Pet” heard on worldwide and WCBS 880 AM News Radio in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut

In our Integrative and Complementary Medicine practice we see many fragile, compromised animals. In treating so many with immune mediated disease, cancer, and metabolic disorders we have found that reduction of dental and gingival disease is critical in reducing antigenic stimulation and systemic inflammation. Anesthesia for conventional dental procedures and prophylaxis is not always in the best interest of these animals; but we have to clean up their mouths and gums as quickly as possible to reduce the burden of infection on their systems. The Petzlife products have been a huge help in making these animals healthier very quickly without compromising them in any way. They are well accepted by most animals (and owners.) The speed with which they work is amazing and owners are very compliant when they see such rapid results. Every animal in our practice has an exam and a recommendation for appropriate oral hygiene; it’s a humane issue as well as a lifetime healthcare necessity and Petzlife products make it easy for us to help all of our patients to be happier and healthier and to live longer.

Judith M. Shoemaker, DVM
AlwaysHelpful Veterinary Services
Internationally known practitioner and eductaor in complementary veterinary medicine and therapy. She has served as a board member and representative for AVCA, AAVA, IVAS, and AHVMA

Hi Petzlife People:


Last year I bought some chew bones (not rawhide) and noticed Cha Cha’s teeth were full of plaque after ONLY ONE MONTH of her chewing on them and I found the loose teeth. I noticed she had quit chewing on anything. I will never give my dogs man-made bones again!

In September I was told by my Vet that Cha Cha would have to have at least 10 teeth pulled – 3 were loose. Her mom (Chewie) previously had her teeth cleaned and 5 pulled – costing over $500!! I dreaded taking Cha Cha in for her teeth cleaning etc. Not for the money (including ‘blood work’ over $100) but I was afraid of the anesthesia and trauma. Also, they both have epilepsy seizures 3-4 times a yr.

On Line I ordered Petzlife salmon gel and Leba III as well. I got the Leba III sooner and started using it. But when I got your product it seemed to work a lot better and had better ingredients. So I quit using Leba (which cost more)- and have been using your miraculous gel – twice a day. I was so happy to see Cha Cha’s gums healing, tightening and her teeth getting whiter. I am hoping to save two of the loose teeth, and I know she won’t have to have 10 teeth pulled now!!!

I am telling every pet owner I know that Petzlife is the best they can use and can save not only lots of money but also their pet’s LIFE!! My friend Chris had two of Chewie’s pups. Last month she lost PePe (Cha Cha’s brother) after he had his teeth cleaned! It is like losing your best friend!! I KNOW HE WOULD BE ALIVE TODAY IF SHE HAD YOUR PRODUCT SIX MONTHS AGO. She is now using the gel on her remaining dog. It’s working!!

Vets are making a fortune on cleanings and tooth pulling! Of course your product will stop that – and will also save many pets from suffering and DIEING!! PETZLIFE IS A MIRACLE FOR OUR BELOVED PETS.


Janet Dockery
Oroville, California

Hello, It’s very rare to find a product that lives up to its word and PetzLife is truly such a product! Slater, my 7 year old male, Bernese Mountain Dog is truly asweetheart and he was born with an overbite. Plaque forms so quickly on his teeth and no amount of brushing helped. I’ve reluctantly had Slater’s teeth cleaned, under anesthesia, with very short term success. I know someone who lost a dear elderly cat, and their veterinarian thought it could have been a reaction to the anesthesia during a toothcleaning. It wasn’t until I found the PetzLife site and after reading the entire site, I ordered both the gel and spray. I used it day and night as directed and within two weeks I saw the plaque crumbing away!!! Within 30 days the plaque was gone! Slater’s plaque was as bad as any of the before pictures on this site. I now tell EVERYONE I know about this product, family members, co-workers, friends, strangers, veterinarians, feed store owners. Bud and his company Petzlife, are top-notch and Slater and I give them my highest, warmest, heartfelt thanks!!

My best to you,
Lorrine, Slater, and Jolene

Note: The picture I have attached is of my two loves: Slater and Jolene. Slater is the larger dog on the right. Slater is 7 years old and Jolene will be 2 in January.


Just want to say what a great product you have. My little dog is 9 years old, the first time I had her teeth cleaned she lost a tooth, the second time the same thing. I was concerned about the anesthesia and how hard it was on her. Now her teeth are wonderfully clean and I don’t have to put her through all that truma, and I am saving hundreds of dollars.

thanks so much,
Bette Macrae

Dear PetzLife,
I am simply amazed with your oral care gel! I have a Sheltie rescue dog, Sparkle, who has been suffering from severe tarter and gingivitis. As the owner of Furry Friends, Inc. a mobile pet food delivery service, I often run across articles in the trade journals about new products. We are always on the lookout for healthy, nutritional supplements and look for products with a holistic, safe and natural approach. Well, I ran across an article about Petzlife. The article claimed all sorts of wonderful things, like never needing a teeth scaling again! As a Registered Radiologic Technologist, with 20 years of medical experience, I was a bit skeptical of the claims. However, I also know the dangers of anesthesia, and the expense. Putting our older dog Sparkle under anesthesia for a teeth cleaning, was just not an option. I called and thought I would try a bottle on Sparkle and see if she would benefit. I also want to help our thousands of customers who have the same problem as we do in our home. I started Sparkle on the recommended schedule, twice daily. She seemed not to mind the process at all. Well, by the FOURTH day, I went to put some on her back gums and holy cow! the plaque was falling off on my finger. I simply cannot believe it! I am now using it on all 5 of our dogs and the cat. The cat just licks it off his paw, no problem. I am excited to be getting this product in for our customers. I know they will have the same results I personally experienced.

Thank you for bringing such a great product to market.
Debbie Brookham Furry Friends, Inc.


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