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Pet Business Awards PetzLife Products

The redesigned bottles and labels for PetzLife Oral Care products are made from  100-percent recycled materials and feature  easily identifiable graphics. Both the Oral Care Spray and Oral Care Gel are now available in 4-oz., 1 oz. and 12 oz. bottles.

It’s simple and easy to use as no brushing is required.   Petzlife contains an all-natural blend of extracts and oils and is 100% natural. Unlike other oral care products, PetzLife provides a complete solution as it works to not only kill bad breath, but break down existing plaque and tartar and keep it from coming back.   The best part is, PetzLife guarantees your satisfaction.  Now PetzLife’s key ingredients have been Veterinarian  Formulated into a new, healthy Dental Treat!

PetzLife Makes it's 6th Annual Donation to the AHVMA


PetzLife Donates to the AHVMA

Many tears were shared by Owner Bud Groth and the attendees when their mutual passions to help our furry friends were shared. The Monies will also be used to set up chapters on their individual campuses Nationwide.

The donation helped 26 students representing 8 Universities attend the Conference. The AHVMA has been very helpful in promoting Holistic health Care for our Precious Pets.

To find out more about the AHVMA go to

2007 Industry Recognition Awards

This is the sixth annual edition of Pet Business’ Industry Recognition Awards, where pet specialty retailers vote for their favorite products across a variety of categories.

In order to thrive in a competitive climate that has been heating up year after year, pet stores are constantly looking for the right selection of new and exciting products to give them the edge they need to drive customers into their aisles. This has made identifying the industry’s most innovative manufacturers and products more important than ever.

Each year, Pet Business’ Industry Recognition Awards (IRA) honor the innovation that is driving growth in pet stores across the nation, giving our retailer-readers an opportunity to vote for their favorite manufacturers and products. In this, the sixth annual edition of the IRAs, Pet Business received an unprecedented level of feedback from its readers, and it is from this overwhelming response that we have drawn our 2007 IRA winners.

In some categories, the winning products stood head and shoulders above the rest of the field when it was time to tally the votes; in others, the winners were decided by a narrow margin. But regardless of how close the competition was, one thing was clear: this has been a banner year for pet product innovation.

Pet Business congratulates every pet product manufacturer that aspired to innovate in 2007. And now, without further ado, here are winners of the 2007 Industry Recognition Awards


PetzLife Oral Care Products

PetzLife Oral Care products are a safe alternative to expensive and dangerous scaling procedures that require anesthesia. Available in easy-to-use spray and gel, the 100-percent natural PetzLife Oral Care formula is made from extracts and oils. The main ingredients include grapefruit seed extract, grape seed extract, thyme oil, neem oil, rosemary oil and peppermint oil. And not only do PetzLife Oral Care products remove plaque and tartar, they also kill bacteria (the main cause of bad breath in cats and dogs) on contact.

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A sparkling smile

Periodontal disease means more than just bad breath and tartar. It can lead to painful gum infections that make your companion’s life a misery. But it’s easy to prevent these problems, thanks to PetzLife Oral Care Spray and Gel. These all-natural products kill bacteria on contact, remove plaque and tartar, and prevent or reverse dental problems like oral disease and bad breath. The ingredients include grape seed extract, thyme oil, neem oil, rosemary oil and peppermint oil, all of which are specially formulated with distilled water and grain alcohol to keep your animal’s teeth and gums in good health.

Oral Care Spray and Gel by Petzlife Products destroys plaque and the harmful bacteria associated with it. When sprayed on dogs' or cats' teeth, this all-natural formula immediately softens tartar and plaque. With regular use, it creates a smooth barrier that prevents further tartar and plaque buildup (February 2005 issue Pet Age magazine, p. 32-36)

From a sleek silver pet crate that double as an end table to an out-of-this-world aquarium to amulets that balance pets' charkas, products with a modern flair dominate the PET AGE Pinnacle Awards this year.

In helping determine this year's award winners, you, our readers, showed a clear preference for items that serve traditional functions while reflection contemporary tastes.

Here's how you helped choose the award-winners: Last year, we assigned a reader service number to every item in our popular "Top Shelf," "Products" and "Show Stoppers" departments. Readers who wanted additional information about certain products circled their numbers on the Reader Service Card in the back of the magazine, and sent it to our data processing center. The center tabulates these inquiries, forwards requests for information to corresponding manufacturers and provides us with monthly reports We simply identified the products that received the most inquiries by our December cutoff date.

This year, we have enhanced the PET AGE Pinnacle Awards by categorizing the winners according to product type. Now it's even easier to identify the best in aquarium, bird, dog, cat, reptile, small animal, specialty retail and commercial retail products--as well as the product our readers liked above all others.

For more information about any of these products, use the contact information accompanying each description.

About PetzLife Products Inc.

PetzLife is dedicated to bring to the domestic pet owner unique all natural products that will improve their pet's overall health and will also add years of life! PetzLife is also dedicated to product safety.

"Be concerned if any pet product has the statement, Not for human consumption,”

Bud Groth- President/CFO

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