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Click here to see more photos of Marina and to hear the rest of her story!

"At the Animal Ark we get some pretty intense rescue animals and little Marina as you can see by the pictures was indeed in dire straits. We were overwhelmed with her will to recover and when it came time for her to be adopted I had become so attached that I wanted to share the rest of her life so I adopted her myself.

When we first got Marina she had infected gums and we have been using PetzLife Oral Care products for over a year at our Rescue facility and I personally used the Oral Spray on Marina starting last fall. I am no longer amazed at how well these products work but as you can see by the pictures all the redness is totally gone on her gums, and her teeth are 95% tartar free. I only sprayed once/day usually in the evening before bedtime. Now I spray every 2 days.

PetzLife has now come out with professional sizes for organizations like ours. It has made it affordable for us to use on all our rescue animals and is another income source when we retail. I urge you to take a look at these great oral care products for your shelter and rescue organizations. And, if any of you are questioning if these products are safe for your precious pet, take another long look at the before and afters of Marina. The New Love of my Life!"

Mary Salter

Director of Operations

Animal Ark "No Kill Shelter", Hastings MN.

New Products that Make Life Better for Pets
by Mike Fry

Periodically, Animal Ark likes to call attention to new things that make life better for our companion animals. Recently, we became aware of three such products. All three of them offer easy, economical and cost-effective ways of keeping pets healthier.

When we first learned about Petzlife Oral Care Spray/Gel, we decided to try them out. We have a long history using Sojos products. So it came as no surprise to us that we love their new, grain-free pet food called Europa. However, when we first encounter new products from new manufacturers, we are often a bit skeptical. So we were pleasantly surprised with the outstanding results we have experienced using the Petzlife Oral Care, two new products that could change the way people think of dental care for their pets.

Dental disease is one of the most commonly diagnosed ailments in dogs and cats. What's more, poor dental health can lead to other more serious problems, up to and including organ failure in very severe cases of dental disease. Until recently, the only way to remove plaque and tarter from teeth has been a visit to the vet for a dental cleaning. This usually involves the use of a general anesthetic, something that is best avoided if possible.

Though the likelihood of severe adverse effects from general anesthesia is quite low, anesthetic reactions cause the death of some animals. Most studies suggest that the death-rate related to use of anesthetic is between 0.1% and 0.4%, depending on which study you read - Link. Even though the risks of anesthesia are low, most people agree it is best to avoid it if possible. And now there is a safe and efficient way to remove plaque and tarter without going to the vet.

PetzLife Oral Care Spray and Gel are two new products that can be used separately or together Used daily for a period of about one month, they will remove plaque and tarter, kill bacteria and eliminate bad breath. Used less frequently, they will prevent the start of dental disease.

The main, active ingredient in both products is Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE), a natural compound known for killing bacteria, among other things. Several members of Animal Ark have tried these products. Feedback from users of the products have been very favorable. Everyone has reported outstanding results in cleaning and whitening their pet's teeth.

Mike Fry
Executive Director
Animal Ark No-Kill Shelter
Co-Host of Animal Wise Radio
(651) 772-8983 (Shelter)

"Bud, I enjoyed meeting you at the Animal Wise Radio broadcast. Now you know I mean it when I say I tell everyone about PetzLife Oral Care Spray & Gel. Bailey is a rescue dog from Animal Ark so I don't know her exact age, she is probably at least 10 or eleven. I know you were surprised to see how clean Bailey’s teeth were. When Animal Ark started selling PetzLife Oral Care products I decided to try it because Bailey was about to go to her Veterinarian to get her teeth cleaned.

I noticed a difference in just a few days and after a few weeks Bailey didn't need to get her teeth scaled medically. I use both products on my dogs and even use the spray on my own teeth. They are great products. Thank You!”

Marlene Foote
President, Animal Ark

Animal Ark recommends these products to remove plaque and tarter from the teeth of dogs and cats

We are very pleased with the results of PetzLife dental care products. We use your product with our rescue dogs and cats, as well as our own personal pets. The results are great. The product is so easy to use and many of the dogs actually enjoy it. We are especially partial to the dental gel with Salmon Oil.

Many of our rescues are too old or have medical problems that prevent them from undergoing dental surgery – PetzLife has been an effective alternative. It also freshens their breath and nothing helps improve a rescue's chances of adoption as sweet, smelling kisses.

Your product has improved these animals health, reduced their exposure to risky surgery, and improved their adoptability. It is easy to use and affordable. Thank you for such an excellent product.

Best regards,
Shannon Landers, Director
Central Coast Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

P.S. Attached is a Christmas photo of 3 rescue dogs that really enjoy using PetzLife. The Lab is 14 years old and too old to safely undergo dental surgery. The chocolate Lab/red nose puppy is just 1 year old but has already undergone 4 surgeries for and has 2 metal plates in his legs and thus is not a candidate for dental surgery as it could risk introducing bacteria into his system. The black/brown American Bull Terrier is perfectly healthy but thanks to your product, the vet has said he does not need dental cleaning.

Hi Bud,
I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product with the dental gel! We use your products regularly in our rescue organization as we see a lot of older dogs that have not had the best food or oral care in their lives, and are badly in need of teeth cleaning. Most are too old or sick to undergo anesthesia, and when we have an animal that can undergo the treatment the cost is usually beyond what we can afford. Your dental gel has changed that entirely!

We recently took in a 10 year old beagle named Major who needed his teeth cleaned, and he just wasn't getting adopted with his bad breath. After just two weeks on your dental gel his teeth were white and his breath fresh - a huge difference! Major has found a home with a wonderful couple and they will continue to purchase this product.


It all started with my own 3-year old dog, Bailey, when he had some health issues last year and went into liver failure. He made it through, but had a stroke coming out of the anesthesia when they put him under for a liver biopsy. Because he was on so much medication, for so long, his teeth really suffered - but I couldn't take a chance on getting his teeth cleaned and putting him under again. When my friend and co-Board Member, Shannon, told me about your product I agreed to give it a try. Boy was I amazed! Bailey now has a beautiful white smile and it is all because of this product. My own vet was so amazed at the results they want to test this product and possibly use it for their own clinic.

Thanks Petz Life for making a wonderful product that actually works wonders!

Jeannine Wade (and Bailey)
Central Coast SPCA
P.O. Box 2952
Orcutt, CA 93457


Shelters and Rescue Organizations

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