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Just a note to say THANK YOU to Petzlife for a product that I can be proud to offer my clients!

I am a big skeptic about new products and even more so about products I am willing to offer to my clients. I have been reading your ads for quite some time, but needed some first hand testimony from people I trust before being willing to put my own reputation with my clients on the line.

Over the last several months, I have had clients that have asked me for suggestions for alternatives to a veterinary dental under anesthesia as their pets were either elderly or otherwise health compromised and that was more risk than they were willing to take. So, for them, I let them know about your product and the website. I told them "if it works, great and if it doesn't, you are only out $40".  Several tried it and since I include brushing teeth with every groom, even I noticed a difference by their next groom. I also talked to fellow groomers at a recent trade show that had been using and recommending it as well.

I let clients know I would start carrying it in January and planned to wait until after the holidays to place my order, but I have had several ask me to contact them right away once I got it, so I have decided to order earlier for them. I called today and placed my order and just can't wait for it to get here.

I have been in the pet business since a very young age as my mother bred poodles and I just can't tell you just how much a product like this has been needed and how grateful I am to know that it is here and most of all that it does work.

I look forward to being able to contact you again with some photos!

Thanks again,

Carol Harvey
Lorac's Mobile Pet Spa
Lorac Australian Shepherds

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