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PetzLife Testimonials

I have started to write you at least 20 times and keep getting pulled away. However I am glad that this happened. Now let me tell you why. I have already come to the conclusion that your Oral Care Products are the best! I have used Petrodex  and Tropiclean, along with many others. I have been grooming for over 10 years…. I absolutely love my job as a mobile groomer.  But, I have a client that I groom who has open tumors everywhere. There is one right on his mouth and I am telling you it is awful. The owners have tried literally everything to cut the smell. I got there and the smell was way worse then normal, I was gagging. First thing I did was spray PetzLife in his mouth!!!! I honestly didn’t expect much, but thought the minty smell would do something. I continued to groom him and after about 30 minutes it dawned on me that I was working right by his mouth and wasn’t about to get sick. Yes, it was that bad.  The difference was awesome. I knew it had to be the PetzLife, I couldn’t have become immune to the smell that quickly so I did ask the owner if they noticed a difference, they did and were astounded. I know that a picture is worth a thousand words, however I wish there was a way to gauge the smell before and after. It was truly amazing. Thank You Very Much!!! I love how fast and effective your oral care products work and now I will try all your products, because obviously you have products that truly work. Every Groomer should be introducing their customers to your fantastic Holistic PetzLife Oral Care!

Thank you again,

Sarah Rogers   |  All Pets Grooming

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