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PetzLife Before and Afters


After only 2 weeks!!!

Before: 3/28/08

After: 4/10/08

Note: Redness Gone!

This is s great success story from Claudia Brooks!! (this is after using Life for Teeth spray as directed for 30 days on Robin a 11 year old Maltese and all the plaque and pieces of rotten teeth that fell out!


I work in a grooming shop where Robin a 5lb Maltese was brought in with teeth you’d need a chisel to get the plaque off, also she had very rotten breath that could knock you over. Well we gave her mom a bottle of spray 30 days ago and she sprayed twice a day faithfully. Last Saturday Robin came in and to our total amazement her plaque was gone on one K-9 tooth and we helped just with a little prick of the finger popped the thickest pieces off the other. One back tooth was totally rotten and when the plaque was remove it fell out. Her mom is still using the spray so Robin will only need a brushing on her next visit, now the poison has lessened in her mouth this will add years to her life. We really didn’t think this product would do a bit of good, but we are sold and have customers waiting for theirs to come and we just can’t say enough about this. We kept the plaque for show and tell from Robin’s mouth. The truly amazing thing is that Robin’s eyes were always watery and pussy, now they have cleared up and she had a festering sore on the side of her neck and that too has healed over the only treatment different was the use of Life for Teeth spray!!

Thanks from all of our foul smelling mouth friends, who will be smelling sweet soon. All of us at Fur Friend Z. Claudia Brooks

Another great success story from Claudia Brooks at Fur Friend Z

Tilly Before:

Tilly After only 10 days

Well here is miss Tilly and boy if we didn’t do the cleaning we wouldn’t believe it was the same dog. I got that big black plaque off her back molar . Her dad said he has only been spraying once a day, but said boy does her mouth smell better.


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